Hip-Hop Star Sings About Sucking Shaft

T-Pain Gay Rumors Gain Speed

Hip-hopper T-Pain may be a homo-hopper. According to Media Take-Out, speculations began “swirling” after the musician made an off-the-cuff remark about Brandy’s brother Ray J’s extra large member.

Intrigued by the remark, the gossip mongers took a good listen to T-Pain’s new album, Epiphany, and found something a bit queer:

…In one of T-Pain’s new songs, he appears to be singing about performing a homosexual act.

The song, which T-Pain sings with another male artist J Lyric, is entitled 69. And while on first listen, the song lyrics appear to be describing a heterosexual relationship – MediaTakeOut.com listened carefully to the lyrics and were shocked at what we discovered.

In the chorus T-Pain is heard singing, “Hit me on the hotline and Ima slob on the knob.” The phrase “slob on the knob” is a common slang term used to mean performing oral sex on a man.

Damn, we always knew T-Pain was a sucker, but we had no idea. Maybe that’s why he chose another alleged gay, Yung Joc for Epiphany‘s single, “Buy You A Drink (Shawty Snappin’), the video for which we’ve included after the jump.