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  • Michael

    Wow. Until you put these rags side by side like that, I never noticed how they look like clones of one another. It’s like the same cover with three different names.

  • Tim

    Madonna should be thrilled! This is the most relevant she’s been since ‘Erotica’.

  • afrolito

    Relevant to you maybe, but not to the millions of fans who still buy her records, and are currently paying big bucks to see her sellout tour.

  • michael

    Not related to Michael No.1. So much for that Kabbalah crap being the “magical way”. I do feel sorry for the kids as no matter what you thinËšof the others, divorce is not an easy thing for them. I like Madonna as an entertainer but as a person, well 25 years øf hearing how big of a cunt she is has gotten old. I wish I did not have to hear about her personal life, it would be a lot easier to just enjoy her music without knowing all the details, but then its been said that she is the biggest publicity whore on the planet.

  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Afrolito, you found a portal I see…and people buy CDs after records but before Ipod downloading in case you were stuck in the 80s

    Tim, ‘Erotica’ was relevant? I only liked her ‘Ray of Light’ CD which is the only one that sold really well since the 80s

    Michael (No. 4), are you talking about her Vagina or the fact that she is a Cunt to her Gay Brother, her poor about-to-be-destroyed children, Lesbifriends Rosie, Sandra and her wacky Cult or how she thinks Gays are not mature enough to get married (Karma’s a bitch until you Marry one called MADGE!) She should send David Banda back to Malawi since she obviously offers a broken home of HATE. Even Angelina could keep it together without Brad (Oh, you were thinking it) HATE MADONNA who technically can’t sing and is in her 80s

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