Taiwan Looking How To Incorporate Gay Marriage Into Tradition, Law

taiwan 1The government in Taiwan is researching marriage equality in other countries in hopes of figuring out how to integrate same-sex unions laws and cultural traditions.

An initial study explored same-sex marriage in the West, but the Taipei Times reports Chung Jui-lan of the Ministry of Justice is now looking at how the phenomenon is received across Asia:

She described the legalization of same-sex marriage as a “complicated” issue because it would involve altering the Civil Code, as well also laws regarding tax benefits and medical rights.

“It is good for everyone to express their opinions, as it will make the process of drafting any law or act more thorough,” she said.

In March, a Taiwanese court denied a petition by Kao Chih-wei and Nelson Chen to be recognized as a same-sex household, despite initially accepting their application.  The result of the couple’s appeal is expected to be announced on Thursday.