Taiwanese Demonstrators Attend Mock Wedding To Gain Support For Marriage Equality

Same-sex-marriage-advocates-in-Taiwan-via-AFP-615x345More than 1,200 Taiwanese stunt queens gathered outside the presidential office in Taipei on Saturday to attend a mock “wedding banquet” hoping to gather support for a proposed same-sex marriage bill.

The event, organized by LGBT advocacy group Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights, entertained guests with dinner, live performances, and videos of local celebrities showing support for the cause. It comes just two weeks before the country’s next parliament session, where the alliance plans to introduce a same-sex marriage bill for discussion.

Severia Lu, a spokesperson for the organization said “we are optimistic about the bill as public support in Taiwan is growing.” Although the ceremony wasn’t directly celebrating the marriage of any two people, it ‘looked real,’ said 22-year-old guest Richard Chen, “and I hope we will get more public attention and support for same-sex marriages.”

According to the Jakarta Post, the alliance’s draft of the bill is the best yet because it expands on protections for the children of same-sex couples.

[Photo: Raw Story]

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