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“Take Your Pants Off”: Cops Investigate Bizarre Hate Crime Video

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“To think that somebody would be so brazen that they could point the weapon in the face of an unsuspecting citizen and then post it on social media — as if the Detroit police are going to stand idly by and do nothing.”

That’s Sgt. Michael Woody of Detroit police, commenting on their investigation into a potential hate crime in the wake of a bizarre and disturbing video that was recently posted online.

Heavy reports investigators are currently trying to track down the perpetrator and the victim. A man posted video footage on Twitter featuring him wagging a gun at a man he believes to be gay. To make matters worse, the suspect later posted another video featuring him bragging about the incident.

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During the confrontation, which occurred outside Detroit’s Brightmoor liquor store, you can hear the suspect say, “‘Take your motherfucking pants off, n****r,” and then, “Gay-ass n****r.”

Thousands of people have viewed the video since it was posted on Twitter Tuesday evening by a man who goes by the handle @binswanson.

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In the smartphone footage, you see a man point a gun at another man as he exits the store, erupting into a series of gay and racial slurs.

The description of the 32-second video, which quickly went viral,  is simply “I hate gay n*****s.”

Police are currently investigating, but admit they have no idea who the victim is.

Watch the video here: