Take Your Lover Up the What? Kenneth Cole Designs Yet Another T-Shirt in Support of Marriage Equality

Looks like gay-themed tees are totally in this season! But Old Navy and American Apparel weren’t the first to issue gay-in-your-face fashion statements. Designer Kenneth Cole was the trendsetter here, when 3 years ago he released a t-shirt in support of marriage equality.

Well, Cole is back this year with a “Take Your Lover Up the Aisle” tee for $35. Created under The Kenneth Cole Foundation, 100% of net profits from sales will go to the HRC. By comparison, Old Navy is only donating 10% of the profits of their Pride collection to “It Gets Better” and profits for American Apparel’s “Legalize Gay” tees probably ended up in some underage girl’s panty drawer.

You can get the “Take Your Lover Up the Aisle” t-shirt at or

Click next to view Kenneth Cole’s gay rights designs from the last two years. Which t-shirt would you rock out?