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  • Leland Frances

    Oh, fucking please. Dear Sweet Desperate Obama Marys: You’ve run this non-story into the ground and broken it off. And if people knew as much about Andrew “Raw Muscle Glutes” Sullivan as they do about Jeremiah Wrong the Dali Obama would be publicly disavowing him.

    1. Sullivan promoted the racist junk science of “The Bell Curve” when he was the editor at “New Republic.”
    2. He got his slimy dick publicly caught in his own sticky zipper when it was revealed that at the same time he was using his columns to denounce “promiscuous gay men” and Bill Clinton for his “reckless” “sexual risks” he — even though HIV+ — was TROLLing the Net for bareback sex with assorted constellations of couplings as long as they weren’t fat, fem, etc., etc.
    3. He has attacked legislation like ENDA agreeing with the Antigay Industry that gay job protection is an unfair “special right.”
    4. He has regularly railed against real gay activists of the kind who paved the yellow brick road for a hack like him to become the favorite Fag Lap Dog of White Straight Male Mainstream Media. He would just be another disheveled chubby, balding, Brit, cocksucking, priapismic poof with a mysterious stain non his pants, a moldy gym card, perpetual jock itch, and a perpetual fantasy of being dominated by walking/breathing Tom of Finland cartoons.
    5. Subconsciously echoing the values associated with his intoxication with “The Bell Curve,” he has repeatedly suggested that “AIDS is over” and people should just stop kvetching so much about it. Translation: I’m a white male with money living in the US so fuck all those millions of people of color here and around the world who are dying even as I sip Martoonies in Ptown. In a related note, we can only assume that he was able to bring himself to shill for Obama because Barack is technically only half a bell curve.
    6. He was Richard Simmons with a baton and a bazooka as he became the highest profile Sodomitic drum major for the invasion of Iraq, verbally nuking anyone who dared disagree, only turning against it when it failed to meet his expectations.
    7. In the final analysis, there is every reason to believe that all of his screeds on behalf of the Senator from Illinois are more about how much he hates Hillary than how much he genuinely believe in Obama…and, thus, fangs bared, and glutes flexed, he lept upon the Easley faux pas as if it were sticking through a glory hole.

    “Sullivan erases the history of why he was criticized. You get the impression that his supposedly PC critics in the gay world and the ‘AIDS establishment’ are a bunch of whiners who can’t stand good news. … Opinion leaders—most notably Andrew Sullivan—recklessly proclaimed the ‘end of AIDS’ in major venues like The New York Times. Mainstream journalists took their cue and largely dropped the subject. Healthy fear — the primary motivator of safe sex — swiftly declined. Unsafe sex— a vital part of the ‘infectivity’ leg of the Triad [of causes]— swiftly rose. Sex with multiple partners—the ‘contact rate’ leg of the triad— also rose. Sex clubs and bathhouses that allowed unsafe sex reopened without much controversy, or even notice. The Internet created a new venue for people to have multiple partners, often unsafely. ‘Barebacking’ became glamorized, even valorized, and the crystal meth epidemic vastly exacerbated the problem. … In other words, our greatest chance of actually ending the epidemic was lost, partly thanks to a widespread attitude that the epidemic was already over. … The truth is that in 1996, when Andrew Sullivan began taking his HIV meds, his own personal plague ended — the only plague one suspects he really cares about. But for countless other gay men, their plague was about to begin, in part because of the complacency epitomized by Andrew’s bullshit. And that, sadly, is a bitter history lesson from 1996 that Andrew Sullivan will probably never acknowledge.” – Gabriel Rotello, Huffington Post

    “Sullivan [often] takes up a point of view he once attacked, particularly those held by the many gay activists and writers he’s lambasted in years past. On a wide range of issues, from his positions about the effectiveness of direct action groups such as ACT UP to his positions about public figures’ reluctance to acknowledge their sexual orientation if they are gay or lesbian, Sullivan has often done a turnaround but makes it appear as if he’s always been there, thus never admitting that he’d earlier derided others for the same positions. The public’s attention span is of course short enough in the media age that Sullivan can get away with this virtually unscathed. Whatever you think of his logic and analysis, he clearly cuts himself a lot of slack for his own indulgences, for succumbing to weaknesses, as Christians might put it. His own sexual behavior is ‘complicated’, he says, and as in his statements of how he became infected with HIV, he doesn’t dream of calling it ‘reckless.” And yet, as in his broadsides against Clinton, he hurls the word ‘reckless’ at others in merciless attacks.” – Michelangelo Signorile

  • steve

    again, if it had come from obama’s camp, you wouldn’t hear the end of it from hillary’s flying monkeys

    he would be (re)labeled a homophobe

    pansy isn’t the issue, hypocrisy is

  • Bob

    Obama is a dumb ass, but Andrew Sullivan is even worse.

  • Bitch Republic

    I’m tired of this non-issue from the Obama asshats.

  • Kid A

    I haven’t heard a single thing regarding Obama in the whole debacle. I’m an Obama supporter, and I think this is ridiculous. First Wright, then “bitter,” now this. The entire campaign so far has been absurd faux issues that mean nothing in terms of how the country will be run in the future. I find it embarrassing for our country that in the midst of so many important domestic and world events, most news and controversy is reduced to false outrage about flag pins and someone else’s use of the word pansy. Repeat, flag pins and “pansy.”

    And tap-dancing christ, Bitch Republic, enough with the name-calling. Are you seven years old? You’re not tired of non-issues when they negatively affect the Obama campaign, it seems.

  • Carlos

    Well, kiss my heart and break my ass…I love you Kid A.

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