Taking on Pat Robertson (And Why We Love Andrew Brewer)

Andrew Brewer and friends, with Pat Robertson

Dear Andrew Brewer

Won’t you be our new best friend (with benefits)? We’ve fallen in love with you since reading your open letter to Pat Robertson. Not only do we want to film you and your friends in dirty, dirty ways, but we want to shake your hand for handing it to televangelist and homophobe Robertson. We’re thinking about making a print from the photo of you standing next to Robertson at brunch — before he knew you and your friends weren’t just gay, but so perceptive and eloquent.

Certainly, we could discuss for hours what the Bible says and doesn’t say about homosexuality, slavery, the role of women, and other pertinent issues. I’m sure we could also have exhaustive talks about the definition of what the Bible is and the veracity of what its contents. What we, as a group, would like for you to consider this spring, however, is your own relationship to Christ’s words.

For example, didn’t Christ–who was put to death by the government working with the religious leaders of his time, in part because of his inclusive teachings–basically say in Luke, chapters 12 and 14: “No one of you can be my disciple unless he sell all that he has, give it to the poor, and come follow me?” This is just one of the scores of lessons that Jesus, who said nothing of homosexuality, preached in praise of poverty and against wealth. Respectfully, how do you square these verses with the multimillion-dollar enterprise that you have created and the personal fortune that you have amassed for yourself? The hypocrisy of using his name to marginalize men like us–at times making our lives excruciatingly difficult–while directly and blatantly contradicting his very clear teachings is both bold and unfathomable.

We’d love to take you and your friends out to brunch. But instead of Pat Robertson, how about we sit next to Kathy Griffin?


Dear Pat Robertson [Advocate]