Taking The Sims‘ Same-Sex Partnering Abilities to the Extreme

We’re on the fence about whether we’re in love with 20-year-old kiwi Bryce Parker, or merely jealous about all the free time he has to play Sims 3, the video game where he’s crafted the Von Blomfield family, arguably the gayest of all video game tribes.

Although Bryce (pictured) tells he hasn’t “yet made a character based on people I know,” this has all the markings of creating a virtual fantasy world to escape the a crappy real-world existence. (Then again, Bryce is happily partnered, and out to his mother, so things can’t be going all that bad.) Or maybe it’s just a way to, you know, one-up XTube:

And of course, they are fabulously wealthy. They live here:

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  • The Milkman

    I just don’t get it.

  • Carlos

    Uhm… we all have don this on the sims, what’s new about it?

    I never had a straight couple in that game.

  • Steve

    Never played, but love this video!

  • sam

    i’m underwhelmed by the lack of new animations in sims 3 :S they seem awfully familiar to sims 2…the woohoo in fact when backwards…didn’t have all the lights and orgasmic sim icon thing…


    but god i love it still heheh. before i came out, sims 2 was my outlet for my gayness before i found real gays heheh. played out all my fantasies for teenage (Successful) dating :)

  • zee

    on the first two sims you couldn’t have a gay couple from the beginning, you had to work really really had at trying to get the two guys to like each other enough to fall in love. In sims 3 you can have gay relationships as easily as straight ones.

  • Alexander

    So apparently one of the largest video game producers, Electronic Arts, is also one of the most progressive. EA owns BioWare (Dragon Age and Mass Effect gayness) and Maxis (The Sims). Nice to see that they realize the overlap in gay/gamer is larger than people think!

  • creambot

    that damned hair style!!

  • just

    OMG! When I was reading the article on GayNZ, I glanced at his pic and thought he was a sim!!

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