Talk Like A Hot Girl: Ja’mie King Schools Us With New Lingo In HBO’s ‘Private School Girl’

HBO is ready to get Ja’mie-tizied! Private School Girl, a new series starring everyone’s favorite dude-looking hot girl Ja’mie King, is coming to your American telly this Sunday. And you better open up your dictionaries, because this girl is going to teach you one mean vocabulary lesson.

In Summer Heights High, “random” was the word of the day, but in Private School Girl it’s all about “quiche.” You may even say that “quiche” is the new “random.” But whereas “random” was an adjective describing cute abnormality, “quiche” is more about what’s now and what’s hot.

Ja’mie is not the only HBIC with an affinity to introducing bitchin’ new lingo. Check out some of these previous pop culture gems uttered by some of our favorite members of high school royalty.

That is so fetch!: First appeared in 2004’s Mean Girls. We stopped trying to make “fetch” happen. It was not going to happen.

Going postal: First appeared in 1995’s Clueless. Postal service workers were prone to crazed gun shootings in the early 90s.

What’s your damage?: First appeared in 1990’s Heathers. Did you hear? School’s cancelled today because Kurt and Ram killed themselves in a repressed homosexual suicide pact… that’s the damage!

Ja’mie-tizied: First appeared in this Queerty post. Being hypnotized by Ja’mie King, star of Private School Girl premiering on HBO this Sunday, November 24.