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Talking to Gay Soldiers’ Partners Is A ‘High Priority’ For Pentagon

The same week the Pentagon is sending out 150,000 surveys to the heterosexual spouses of military personnel, the Pentagon says it’s also trying to figure out how to talk to the same-sex partners of actively serving (and, of course, closeted) troops.

“We have reached out to groups – OutServe, Servicemembers United, SLDN and other organizations – to determine how we can meet with partners of servicemembers who are gay and lesbian and serving currently in order to identify unique issues of those partners,” says Pentagon spokeswoman Cynthia Smith. “We want to make sure that it’s a confidential dialogue and make sure that if they disclose any personal information that it won’t be used against them or their partner.”

Ah yes, because we’d hate to see another gay soldier speak only about his sexuality AND GET FIRED FOR IT.

But Smith insists it’s already possible for partners to contribute to the conversation: “They could use their partner’s common access card” to log in and leave a comment for the Pentagon’s DADT repeal working group. You remember, that’s the thing on the website whose security has already been compromised? Yeah, use that.