Tamar Braxton can kiss those Pride paychecks goodbye after homophobic meltdown

Tamar Braxton has always been a tepid LGBTQ ally. But over the weekend she let it be known that her support for the community is about as real as her heavily-mascaraed lashes.

On Saturday, the singer made a “public service announcement” on her Instagram page warning women that if their boyfriends “don’t touch” them in more than three or four days, then clearly they’re gay.

“Truth is ladies that these dudes out here really do be gay!” Toni Braxton’s 42-year-old baby sister ranted. “It ain’t enough money, beauty, hair, babies in the world to keep them!! They want D**K!! Periodt!!”

She continued, “It’s nothing wrong with you, but they will find EVERY reason in the world to make u not good enough!! If he lays with you for 3, 4, 10 days and he don’t touch u, it’s NOT YOU!! HE WANT A MAN!! And that’s on my momma.”

That’s quite a bold statement from someone whose singing career has literally been kept afloat by performing dance songs at Pride events and guest judging on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

The post has since vanished from Braxton’s Instagram page, but a screen grab of it has been making the rounds on social media.

It’s unclear what sparked Braxton to go off on her homophobic tirade, but some believe it might have something to do with her rumored break up with boyfriend David Adefeso. Still, Twitter wasn’t having any of it.