Tammy Baldwin Broke Up With Her Wife. Nobody Will Say Why

U.S. Congressional superqueero Tammy Baldwin (pictured, right) just ended her fifteen year relationship with her wife—oh wait, “domestic partner” —Lauren Azar (left). The couple will dissolve their Wisconsin domestic partnership but, Baldwin’s press secretary adds, “Neither Tammy nor Lauren will have any further public comment on this very private matter.” Good luck with that.

Dumping bad news over Memorial Day Weekend is always a smart idea: Reporters and readers are away from the care of their computers and newspapers and televisions, and by Tuesday a bigger story will bubble up that’ll make everyone skip, forget about, or not care about your situation. So hat’s off to Baldwin for this coup.

But seeing just one of three openly gay lawmakers end her long-term relationship is reason enough to be inquisitive. With important things like the Defense of Marriage Act on the table, all we need is one douchebag Republican pointing at Baldwin and going, “See? They’re unstable!” Which is, of course, a lie; the relationship between Baldwin, 48, and Azar lasts longer than most heterosexual marriages.

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  • Tessie Tura

    I hate that this happened, but honestly, do we expect them to stay together if there is trouble, only to make us look good? That’s like a straight couple staying together only for the sake of the kids – which never works out, because they argue in front of the kids – continually….

  • Brandoise

    I read on “The Daily Beast” that lesbians relationships have a 120% chance of ending in divorce/splits. Yeah the news is sad but kind of expected. Kudos to them for defying the odds for as long as they did.

  • Ramama

    @Brandoise: What are the extra 20% doing there?
    It seems like bull.

  • Chandler In Las Vegas

    Divorce happens. Let them be. No explanation necessary.

  • Fitz

    Sometimes relationships end. It’s a sad reality– regardless of orientation. This is one of the many reasons that we need legal recognition of our relationships.

  • DBB

    They are entitled to the same degree of privacy as the rest of us.

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