Tammy Faye To See Her Name In Lights, Set To Music

Now, now, we know you’re upset about Hawaii totally dodging civil unions, but perhaps we can cheer you up with the news that some ingenious and equally shrewd Broadway types are meeting to read through the script of Big Tent – a new musical based on the life and times of Tammy Faye Bakker.

Among the illustrious cast one can find Urinetown‘s Nancy Opel playing Tammy, Jekyll & Hyde Tony Nominee Robert Cuccioli and Thom Sesma from The Times They are A-Changin’, among others. Broadway World describes the potential camp masterpiece thus:

The musical will chronicle Tammy’s extraordinary and turbulent rise to fame. Whether helping to create and maintain a large TV network, speaking out on behalf of AIDS awareness, or coping with the sex and fundraising scandals that brought down her husband Jim Bakker, Tammy took it all with a certain style and dignity.

Certain style and dignity? That sure is a polite way of saying she looks like a mutant circus clown from outer space. That’s not to say we don’t love Ms. Bakker, but she’s pretty startling looking. Or is it startled looking? We can’t make up our minds.

We can’t wait to hear the soundtrack – imagine all the things you can rhyme with Bakker. There’s quaker, shaker….umm…Laker.