Looks Forward As Cancer Spreads

Tammy Faye Wasting Away

Tammy Faye‘s always been a fighter, but the Televangelist and aesthetic icon can no longer fight the cancer that’s been ravaging her body. She stopped treatment for the disease that spread from her colon to her lungs. Dlisted reports that Ms. Faye speaks to Entertainment Tonight this evening and tells viewers:

When they said there’s nothing more we can do, for just about a minute I felt sorry for myself, had my little pity party. Then I said, ‘I’ve got somebody bigger than the doctors, I know the Lord, Jesus Christ, and he can do something for it.’ He’s the only one that can, and so I just trust Him every day.

Today I want you to remember: You can’t go forward, looking in the rear view mirror, yesterday is gone, you cannot put a broken egg back together again so don’t spend your energy trying.

You’re quite an inspiration, Ms. Faye. And even though you’ve lost a little weight, you still look like a star!