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Tan France has some pointed words for critics of his baby news

“Following on from the baby announcement post, I wanna just also say, get a few things off my chest. The majority of the comments have been so, so lovely. So lovely. There were a fair amount of really nasty ones and I wanna make it really clear that I am on cloud nine. So is my husband. You really can’t knock us down. I don’t feel the thing that you clearly want me to feel. We feel just so happy and so grateful and we’re full of so much love. I wish you were full of more love instead of being incredibly bitter. For all of those who are asking or really angrily saying we should have adopted instead of surrogacy. A lot of you have your own kids. If you’re so upset about me having my own children, you can adopt. Please go ahead and adopt. It’s a wonderful thing to be able to do. You don’t know our story. You don’t know why we are going through the surrogacy process instead of adopting. And for those who are saying that I am exploiting a woman’s body, I wanna make it really clear: I didn’t just grab someone off the street and kidnap her and get her pregnant. This was somebody that we care about very much, who wanted to do this for us, who was generous enough to help us have our absolute dream and to raise a family. So you don’t really have to worry about our surrogate. I promise, she’s fine. We are taking very good care of her. I promise, she wanted to do this. She wanted to do this for us because, even though as many said, the baby’s not going to have a mother–believe me, we are gonna love this child so much more than one could ever possibly imagine. He will be plenty loved even without a mother.”Queer Eye star and dad-to-be Tan France via Instagram Stories pushing back against critics of he and his husband having a child through surrogacy. Though response to the announcement that the couple is expecting was overwhelmingly positive, detractors attacked them for raising a child as a same-sex couple, and for using a surrogate rather than adopting. France went on to criticize anonymous, online critics for cowardice and for being “twats.”