Tape Exposes Floridian Politico Rouson’s Truly Anti-Gay Colors

Floridian politician Darryl Rouson may need to do some same-sex damage control.

Recently uncovered video shows Rouson, a Democrat who’s running for a seat on the state legislature, telling a talk show host that he considers queerness “morally wrong:”

I think it is wrong to allow adoptions of children by gay and lesbian couples. It sends a wrong message early to a child during formative years that’s hard to overcome just by sitting down and talking to them.

I think lesbianism and homosexuality is morally wrong. The law is supposed to discriminate sometimes, in some respects, it is supposed to discriminate against social order and anarchy.

When confronted with the tapes, Rouson told a Florida blog Creative Loafing that he had “evolved” since the show’s taping, which was two years ago.

Unfortunately for Rouson and his argument, the lawyer last month insisted – again to Creative Loafing – that his floor-crossing has not influenced his core values: “My values have remained constant and consistent for the last 20 years. The ones who are most harping about the political party change are those who feel the most threatened by it… To me it’s a little disingenuous to try and attack me only on that.”

It’s not so disingenuous, of course, when you consider Rouson’s previous political affiliations. He had originally intended on running as a Republican and had been “courted” by the likes Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. As the political winds shifted, Rouson realized that he wouldn’t get far among the right-leaning party. So he switched teams. As Rouson said in January of this year, “people feel comfortable voting for a Democrat.” Not this one!

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  • Darth Paul

    “I think lesbianism and homosexuality is morally wrong. ”

    I think redundant diction and the absence of subject/verb agreement are morally wrong, so I guess we’re about even.

  • Trenton

    I love that the other guests on the show had to stifle laughs when he uttered the words: “The law is supposed to discriminate sometimes.”

    I don’t love that this guy might still actually get elected… >_<

  • Just watch in November...

    There will be a huge black turnout for Obama, and it will tip the scales in favor of the Gay marriage ban in California. Just watch. And I am a democrat that will vote for Obama.

  • rick

    “…it is supposed to discriminate against social order and anarchy.”

    pick one or the other buddy, what you said makes no sense.

    was discerne the word he wanted? did i spell that right?

  • mark

    Has FL been asleep for 60 years?
    This round table doesn’t just seem pre Stonewall, these folks are pre Mattachine society.

    how the f*ck did South Beach get created in such a vaccuum?

  • mark

    boycott typo

  • mark

    they do realize their Governor is queer…right?

  • chandler in lasvegas

    This is why primary challenges to DINOs are mandatory for the next two election cycles.

    The homophobia in the Democratic Party must GO!

  • Bill Perdue

    No surprises here.

    Bigots like Darryl Rouson are among friends in the Democratic Party. It’s a party with a bigoted past and present, and its run by bigots.

    Putting any faith at all in the promises of Democratic (sic) pols is a dead end. Look at Clinton. He and the congressional Democrats wrote and passed DADT which codified bigotry in the armed forces. They didn’t write DOMA, the Republicans did, but the vast majority of them voted for it and Clinton not only cheerfully signed it but he poured salt in the wound by boasting about it on christist radio stations in the south. What a sleaze!

    And now people are touting his clone, Obama, a candidate who won’t shut up about his superstitious opposition to same sex marriage. The rest of the Democrats and Republicans are, if anything, even worse. Barney Frank gutted ENDA to please the Chamber of Commerce who like boosting their profit margin by underpaying GLBT folk, women and members of minorities. Democrats voted to install bigots and racists as judges in the crucial Federal circuit courts. They refused to repeal DOMA and DADT but did work up the energy to dump the hate crimes bill after it’d passed both Houses.

    Democratic (sic) promises are worth as much as those described an ancestor: “They made us many promises, more than I can remember, but they never kept but one; they promised to take our land, and they took it.” Makhpiya Luta or Red Cloud, a political and military leader of the Oglala Lakota Sioux.

  • Steven

    Reverend Charles McKenzie is running a close race to defeat Darryl Rousson. He is gladly accepting donations at http://www.mckenzie2008.com.

    Also, Mr. McKenzie has been endorsed by the Stonewall Democrats of Pinellas County. (stonewallpinellas.org).

    Be the change!

  • StPeteBB

    To Bill Perdue: You really need to do your homework. Obama is fully supportive of gay rights, civil unions (and yes, he needs to be educated regarding the concept of “separate but equal” but at least wouldn’t support the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)), and has openly supported the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (DADT). Obvouslly, he is by no means a Bill Clinton clone. Quit the Republican propaganda, please.

    Steven — thanks for the link — I’ve made a donation to Mr. McKenzie, and hope others will follow suite. He’s the first black preacher I’ve ever considered donating to… and after seeing the Stonewall Dems of Pinellas County recommendation, I can see why he’s considered a supporter.

  • jim hussein jackson

    I have helped to bring the video with Darryl Rouson to the forefront. When given the choice of a homophobic attorney and a man who has worked his entire life as a public servant and minister who fully believes in rights for all I will always take the latter. Darryl has a great deal of support among the African American churches on the Southside of St Pete. Good “Christians” all!
    Why is it all of these Christians have not evolved on the same path as Darryl? I am 63 years old. I battled with Anita in Miami in the 1970’s.
    Send me a pie and I’ll serve it up for Darryl.

  • Chad

    The homophobia in the black community is out of control,and to a lesser degree but close ,in the latino community,these two groups in Ca will vote everytime to discriminate against gays , every time in large numbers. Lack of education perharps, I do agree that the large numbers of blacks going to vote for Obmaa will vote against gay marriage in ca,big time,and im supporting Obama too.

  • Mr C

    Well Chad,

    Everything you have said is STUPID and HYPOCRITICAL at its best.

    While what this Man said is IDIOTIC and STUPID. Why in the hell do some of you WHITE gays try to protect your own folks with HOMOPHOBIA and then when Queerty presents “From the Homophobic Black Community” series. A lot of you go BANANNAS!

    UMMM we’re talking Florida part of The Confederate South where if they could kill all minorities and keep W.A.S.P in full effect it would be okay with them.

    Where 100% of the WHITE EVANGELICAL CHURCH is against homosexuality and makes no bones about it but that is okay…right. And we won’t mention The Southern Baptists.

    And if WHITES in Florida love the Gays so much then why don’t they allow us to marry (Those that want to that is).

    Remember Blacks are the minority, not alone in race but size population also. And that is what really amazes me about all of this criticism of some people on this site when these issues are brought out.
    There are some of you that don’t like Blacks because you were raised in the home way and you mentioned “Lack of Education” shouldn’t tolerance should be added with that also?

    And I said this before and will say it again.
    If Barack Hussein Obama wouldn’t be the Democratic Nominee for President the LGBT Community wouldn’t give a fuck about Blacks Gay, or Straight and that is a FACT!

    But because Mother Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton didn’t get anointed. Blacks have become the focus of criticism from this community and that speaks VOLUMES about this community and how they feel about minorities and talk about wanting EQUALITY and learning TOLERANCE?

    While I admit in the African American community NO DOUBT there is a major level of Homophobia and it does need to be addressed.
    Show me one RACE of people where they are opening their doors to the Gays with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 100%…..When you find one let me know.

    See what people don’t realize is that when posts like these are presented and some of you comment. You really show what you think about the people who are in the subject at hand.

    Think about it “To Thine own self be TRUE”

  • mark

    jim hussein jackson #13

    I like how you think, I’d pay for a pie

  • mark

    I hate homobigots of every race, pie ’em all.

  • mark

    “Show me one RACE of people where they are opening their doors to the Gays with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 100%…..When you find one let me know.”

    not a race of people, but a religion of heterosexuals come the closest to 100% acceptance, are the Quakers…in my experience

  • Mr C

    Oh Chad,
    One more the guy running against him Reverend Charles McKenzie who is Gay friendly, a minister and accepts us unconditionally he is BLACK.

    Enough said.
    Homophobia is not assigned to no one race of people they are idiotic actions that are taught by an irresponsible NUT JOB!

  • Bill Perdue

    StPeteBB – It may not have occurred to Democrats but civil unions are a form of second class citizenship. It’s typical of Democrats that they’d accept second-class civil unions, the gutting of ENDA and the trashing of the Matthew Shepard hate crimes bill for partisan reason, i.e., to get another backstabber like Clinton elected. Did it ever occur to you, StPeteBB, that candidates with a bigoted position on same sex marriage who pander to other christist bigots aren’t GLBT supporters? I’m referring to McCain and Obama.

    If you knew anything at all about American politics, StPeteBB, you’d know that the Democratic (sic) Party held the title of most bigoted party under Clinton, that the Republicans won it hands down 2000 to 2006, and that the Democrats won it back in the last two years when they retained DOMA and DADT but shit canned ENDA and the hate crimes bill. Here’s another hint, StPeteBB. The DNC’s chief of staff is the Rev. Leah Daughtry, a pentecostal minister and pigheaded opponent of same sex marriage just like her fellow minister Jimmy Swaggart.

    Keep in mind what Gore Vidal said:

    “[t]here is only one party in the United States, the Property Party…and it has two right wings: Republican and Democrat. Republicans are a bit stupider, more rigid, more doctrinaire in their laissez-faire capitalism than the Democrats, who are cuter, prettier, a bit more corrupt—until recently… and more willing than the Republicans to make small adjustments when the poor, the black, the anti-imperialists get out of hand. But, essentially, there is no difference between the two parties.”

    The truth is that the Democrats policies, as opposed to their promises, are not significantly different from the Republicans. Both parties are for war, against working people and led by bigots. I can believe you’re happy with that but I see that you are.

    I agree, Mr C. Chad’s just looking for an excuse to justify his compulsive hatred of people of color. The idiot doesn’t have a clue about how African Americans or Latinos will vote or how they think.

    Of course they’re influenced by bigots, so is the EuroAmerican population. If EQCA ignores them and only reaches out to EuroAmericans that will cripple the fight in California but it won’t validate the racist view that only anglos favor GLBT rights.

  • Jenna's Bush

    He and the congressional Democrats wrote and passed DADT which codified bigotry in the armed forces.

    And what was the policy before DADT? It was “seek out and discharge”. DADT was the best that could be done at the time, given the frenzy Republicans whipped up when Clinton announced he was for letting Gays & Lesbians serve openly.

    Stop trying to re-write history, Miss Perdue.

  • Bill Perdue

    The author of DADT was Democrat (sic) Sam Nunn, now a key advisor to Obama and possible VP candidate. Democrats voted overwhelmingly for DADT just as they did for the Republicans DOMA. They’re bigots. They passed bigoted laws then and they’re trashing our agenda now.

    Come out of your partisan coma, Jenna’s Bush, stop lying and try to do something to stop the bigots instead of making absurd excuses for them.

  • M Shane

    His values, or lack of such speak for themselves. The affiliation with Jeb Bush in itself puts him in a corrupt class of it’s own.

    I don’t like to generalise. and In many respects relate well with black people, but in having talked to a number of Afro Americans (as opposed to Africans or other blacks who are entirely different, I see a a distinct and almost despirate certainly beligerant need to occupy a unique place in American society which is due
    to thier having at one time been slaves and now being owed something special way above and beyond those of any other groups.
    Good examples of this are the resentment of the favoritism (as they see it ) shown Africans e.g. Somalians: which is largely invented. They resent gay people being treated as a “minority” and even formalize that in their Church doctrines. I know that in some areas that the AACLU condemnes homosexuality.

  • Jenna's Bush

    stop lying

    Ha! You accuse me of lying, yet your narrative of DADT shows either a profound ignorance of the facts or else a deliberate desire to mislead. The military’s policy before “Don’t ask don’t tell” was to search out and dishonorably discharge gay service members. DADT was an improvement over that, and a compromise Clinton was forced to accept when prominent Republicans like Colon Bowel came out against allowing gays to serve opening.

    Someone may be in a partisan coma, but it’s not me.

  • Jenna's Bush

    opening = openly

  • Bill Perdue

    Jenna’s Bush, a not so bright apologist for bigots says that “The military’s policy before “Don’t ask don’t tell” was to search out and dishonorably discharge gay service members.” True, and that’s what it was after DADT was passed. Calling it an improvement is a lie. It’s a bigoted law that harms GLBT folks in the armed forces. That’s why SLDN is fighting against it, dummy.

    It was never an improvement, just a codification of bigotry written, passed and signed by bigots, i.e., Democrats. The Republicans were just along for the ride like they were recently when the Democrats trashed ENDA and the hate crimes bill. Was that an improvement?

    Doma was written by Republicans who voted for it overwhelmingly as a bigoted wedge issue. But so did the Democrats. Then came another of Clintons backstabbing betrayals. His reelection in doubt because he’d betrayed labor with the union busting NAFTA, he bought time on southern bigoted religious radio stations to boast about signing DOMA. Was DOMA an improvement? Over what? The Inquisition? Get real.

    DADT was not an improvement for Army Private Barry Winchell. He was beaten to death with a baseball bat at Fort Campbell, Kentucky on July 5, 1999 while he slept in his barracks. And it hasn’t seemed like an improvement for all the other soldiers, sailors, aircrew and marines beaten and harassed by thugs, many of them officers.

    What partisan apologists for bigots like Clinton just don’t get is that the Democrats and Republicans adroitly play hard cop-soft cop, but that’s just a con to get votes. The irrefutable truth is that they’re accomplices in passing and retaining bigoted laws and junking our agenda.

    Jenna’s Bush is a chucklehead.

  • Mr C


    One thing I will admit dear heart. You bring the TRUTH forward regardless how it may hurt.

    Much appreciated!

  • Bill Perdue

    Mr. C, it’s not meant to hurt, just to inform.

    There’s no excuse for ignorance based on ‘urban legends’ like “Oh, oh, oh! Bill Clinton was doing us an act of kindness when he passed DADT and DOMA. He actually prevented a fascist coup d’état. I read it all in the Enquirer. It was for our own good. Really, it was.”

    Who believes that kind of garbage?

    And there’s absolutely no room for prejudices imported from the sewers of traditional American politics like racism, islamophobia, misogyny and etc. We’ll have to be better than that to win.

  • Jenna's Bush

    Jenna’s Bush is a chucklehead.

    Miss Purdue is a brilliant debater, no?

  • zee

    Thanks for the info. Rouson appears to be another decent politician to support. Shame you freaks can’t stand it when someone won’t kiss your pointy little political asses. So no one is allowed to hold any other view than yours?
    Well, off to email Rouson congrats on having a backbone and a modicum of morality <—-look morality up in the dictionary, I’m sure it’s a rather obscure term for most of you.

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