Tape Exposes Floridian Politico Rouson’s Truly Anti-Gay Colors

Floridian politician Darryl Rouson may need to do some same-sex damage control.

Recently uncovered video shows Rouson, a Democrat who’s running for a seat on the state legislature, telling a talk show host that he considers queerness “morally wrong:”

I think it is wrong to allow adoptions of children by gay and lesbian couples. It sends a wrong message early to a child during formative years that’s hard to overcome just by sitting down and talking to them.

I think lesbianism and homosexuality is morally wrong. The law is supposed to discriminate sometimes, in some respects, it is supposed to discriminate against social order and anarchy.

When confronted with the tapes, Rouson told a Florida blog Creative Loafing that he had “evolved” since the show’s taping, which was two years ago.

Unfortunately for Rouson and his argument, the lawyer last month insisted – again to Creative Loafing – that his floor-crossing has not influenced his core values: “My values have remained constant and consistent for the last 20 years. The ones who are most harping about the political party change are those who feel the most threatened by it… To me it’s a little disingenuous to try and attack me only on that.”

It’s not so disingenuous, of course, when you consider Rouson’s previous political affiliations. He had originally intended on running as a Republican and had been “courted” by the likes Jeb Bush and Charlie Crist. As the political winds shifted, Rouson realized that he wouldn’t get far among the right-leaning party. So he switched teams. As Rouson said in January of this year, “people feel comfortable voting for a Democrat.” Not this one!