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  • Geez

    “Target will continue donating money to candidates who are friendly to the company’s corporate interests”

    ALL companies look after their BUSINESS interests.

  • Geez

    Why don’t you boycott Apple and iTunes for selling an application that promotes “freedom from homosexuality”?

  • Kev C

    Target is apparently run by schizophrenics.

  • Jeffree

    So, when is Queerty going to compare Target to WalMart and KMart so we know where to shop? Next: Let’s cover clothing stores, grocery stores, beer companies, TV networks, restaurants……

  • justiceontherocks

    I defy Queerty or anyone else to find me one publicly traded company in the United States that has NOT contributed money to a candidate with some anti-gay views. Just one.

    Until we see that, I think it’s about time to move on from this tired unproductive discussion.

  • Red Meat

    Its cynical but I hope the gay community keeps riding this bandwagon until something big is done by Target, and then some other big company gets the same treatment and the focus is switched to them.

    Change comes from lies and deceit more often than truth.

  • Ricky

    For those here so desperate for cheap goods made in China that they will fall to their knees before their corporate Master Target – grateful for the chance to grovel – by all means go ahead.

    If you have so little self-respect that you can be lied to – repeatedly – by a for-profit entity – who claims to support diversity and equality – and then works behind the scenes against achieving those very things – and has done so for years – hiring some of the laziest unaccomplished Republican hacks to work at the Executive level – then take your tired coins to the nearest Target Crap Emporium and spend, spend, spend – you owe it to yourself and to all idiots throughout recorded time who have been willing to sacrifice any principle, any dignity, any decency, any freedom – in the pursuit of low prices. You and Target deserve each other.

    For the rest of us – who work entirely too hard for our money to give to any corporation who repeatedly and systematically lies to us — we will not be seeing you there – the fact that you shop there is just another reason we do not want to.

  • Brian

    Look, I’m a proud Gay man.. Healthy, good looking, very educated, MANY friends abroad..I have nothing to complain about. I won’t give up my iPhone or stop shopping at TarGAY…WHY? because here in America we have something that is precious to all of us and it’s called Freedom of Speech. Apple is PRO gay but they allowed the “freedom of homosexuality” app in BECAUSE of freedom of speech. Fred Phelps protests many funerals and as DISGUSTING as it is, he has his freedom of speech. It’s a very fine line we tread here. As much as I want to shove a grenade down Phelps’ throat, or take his protesting rights away, then I have to take those rights away from myself as well. It’s a double edged sword.
    If fred protests we can counter protest. Good DOES come out of bad. If there is an APP called Freedom of Homosexuality, then someone needs to come up with one called “why it’s FABULOUS to be gay” app. My theory in life is NOT to let something beat me down, but fight back and with an evil grin plastered on my face. hehe
    In the end, EQUALITY WILL WIN. These companies can funnel their money where they want, WE have history on our side and eventually WILL win our rights. :)

  • justiceontherocks

    @Ricky: and the oscar for over the top drama in a Queerty post goes to . . .

    On the basis of one political contribution people act like Target is the FRC or the KKK. Amazing. Stupid.

  • Ricky


    One political contribution? This is based on what? What is your reason for citing “one political contribution” – since it has nothing to do with the facts.

    The fact is that Target gave $150K to MN Forward/Tom Emmer – when this was first revealed they defended that donation – then 5 days later apologized for it promising to be more careful in the future – must be the distant future – since they then proceeded – after that so-called apology – to give another $30K to some of the most rabidly anti-gay candidates ever both in and outside of Minnesota in the 2010 election cycle. This is on top of the fact that executives at their highest level have given to rabidly anti-gay candidates for years – and seized on the very first legal opportunity to give to the same at the corporate level.

    Fall to your knees before your Master Target all you want – but is it really even a fall anymore – since clearly you no longer stand for anything.

  • Jeffree

    Ricky: How much money did Target’s competitors contribute to anti-gay politicians? To PACs including anyti-gay pols?

    Until you can answer that, you’re just comparing Target to an Ideal Company. Not too convincing of a thesis there.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Ricky: what’s your point? Do you seriously think Target did something other public companies didn’t do? Do you really think they contributed to Emmer because he is anti-equality? You have a lot to learn about how the world works.

    I admire your passion. I hope some day it will be better directed.

  • Ricky

    @Jeffree: Target’s competitors have never claimed to be about equality or diversity – only Target has been so brazen – and so shameless – as to invoke that blatant lie into their marketing of cheap tacky goods.

    You show me where K Mart or Wal-Mart have said to the gay community that they are about equality and diversity – and then made political contributions to politicians who would not simply vote against those very goals — but who would actually lead the fight against them.

    Target lies – Target is anti-gay – Target lies about being anti-gay.

  • Jeffree

    @Ricky: So, you’re saying you don’t care what Best Buy, Walmart, KMart etc. do in terms of their political contributions, their community involvement, treatment of LGBT employees?

    How about Amazon?

    Are you saying that those other companies don’t sell cheap goods?

    You have to compare companies that compete for the same type of business.

    Your knowledge of how business works is very incomplete. Perhaps you should do more research before you spend any money anywhere.

  • Ricky

    @Jeffree: No, I do not have to research those other companies – those other companies have never claimed to be about diversity or equality – those other companies have never lied to me in order to take my money – how can you not see the difference?

    So, you have so little self-esteem and dignity – that being deliberately lied to by Target does not really matter – cause you think other companies – even though they don’t lie – are no better. Truth simply has no value to you at all?

    Again, you and Target deserve each other – happy shopping.

  • Riker

    @Ricky: So, you would continue to shop at Best Buy? Please be aware that they also donated money to the same PAC that Target is vilified for donating to.

  • Ricky

    @Riker: I wrote to Best Buy at the same time I wrote to Target in July (later I wrote to 3M as well) — and explained that I would no longer be shopping there after their 50K contribution to MN Forward. While I was never the best customer – I was in the market to buy a new laptop – and had planned to get it at Best Buy for their protection plan — I bought it from a small local store in Los Angeles instead.


    Boys and Girls: News Flash!

    Every large company donates coin to both pro and anti Gay politicians……..they do a ton of research on who is going to enact more legislation which will benefit their business model. And that candidate gets the lions share of the coin………Thats the way business works in this country and it ain’t never gonna change……….

    Despite the above we should support companies that at least reach out to the Gays and make statements in support of us. There are companies like chik-a-fella that give free meals to Maggot Gallagher (god knows the last thing that cow needs is a free meal)……..Those are the ones who deserve to be targeted (hey, I made somewhat of a funny :p) for deliberate actions which have negative effect on our community…………

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