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Target Today Unveils Fall Line At NYC’s Standard Hotel. Time to Boycott Andre Balzas + Anyone Who Attends?

At 9pm tonight in NYC at the Standard Hotel, owned by Andre Balazs, Target will unveil “dazzling lights, a glowing psychedelic backdrop, dancers spinning in sync to the heartbeat of an original musical score” — all part of the “Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular,” its ambitious original production to unveil its fall line. And if past Target events in the city are any indication, the must-see event will attract the regular crop of A- and C-listers. And they’ll all have targets on their backs, lending their celebrity to a brand that thinks little of gay consumers. Should we assume Randi Reitan did not receive an invitation?

We already know some of the collaborators that put the event together: The dancing is choreographed by Los Angeles’ Sir Ryan Heffington; Mel Ottenberg and Sonia Kashuk styled everything; and Sam Spiegel (“aka Squeak E. Clean of the hit-making duo N.A.S.A.”) enlisted a 30-person live orchestra and 10-person chorus to bring his original score to life. If we’re boycotting Target, do we now have to place each of these people, and hotel owner Balzas, on our list of foes? After all, isn’t Balzas lending his hotel to (and getting paid by) Target something akin to San Diego hotelier Doug Manchester contributing to anti-gay causes?

You can watch the event live on Target’s Facebook page, and if you’re bothering to tweet, make sure you spam the hashtag #TGTSpectacular with your favorite links.

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