Target Unveils New Line Of Gay-Pride T-Shirts

From Lady Gaga to Beyonce, and from HRC to MoveOn.org, everyone and their grandma have been trying to help Target win back a gay-friendly reputation after the hip Wal-Mart made the unfashionable choice of donating money to an anti-gay politician in Minnesota.

Now Target has launched a line of 10 LGBT t-shirts just in time to cash in on Pride season.

All of the sales of the $12.99 shirts will go directly to the Family Equality Council but donations are capped at $120,000, just $30,000 less than what Target donated toward Republican Tom Emmer’s gubernatorial campaign in 2010.

The shirts, only available online, feature simple designs inspired by Japanese dolls and 70s-style typography. Not surprising considering singer Gwen Stefani helped design two of them (including the one above).

What do you think: Are these tees cute enough to lift your embargo? Wait, did you ever boycott Target?

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