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Targeting Manhattan Declaration’s Catholic Signatories … Ref 71’s DOMA Problem

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Going after the Catholic clergy who igned the Manhattan Declaration isn’t so much a witch hunt as it is an exercise in publishing publicly available information.

• There are bad lesbian films, and then there are worse lesbian films.

• Terrance Watanabe, whose sunk millions into the pockets of GLAAD and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, is trying to escape the millions of dollars he owes a Las Vegas casino company — because they “plied” him with alcohol and drugs.

• The Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is praying American Anglicans don’t approve lesbian Rev. Mary Glasspool as a bishop.

• Daniel Nardicio, the Playgirl-Levi liaison, created gay social network DList.com before splitting from the company on not-so-great terms. The ultimate revenge? Pimp their competitor, Gaydar.net, which he’s doing via email now.

• Washington State may have domestic partnerships, but thanks to DOMA and DADT, all is not kosher.

• Gay bookstore Lambda Rising, with locations in D.C. and Delaware, announces its closure.

• Seven members of a neo-Nazi group in Brazil have been arrested following the Sao Paulo gay pride bombing.

The “heavage” trend isn’t new, nor is it something we firmly support. Nor disavow.