Target’s Dazzling ‘Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular’ Was Enjoyed By Gay Protesters, Too

So how did Target’s “Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular” in New York City go? Beautifully! If you discount the protesters down on the ground.

The embattled retailer’s amped-up unveiling of its fall line was actually quite dazzling, as you can see in this photo from self-professed tastemaker Castor Sparks. (Mr. Sparks also says “With Target all over the negative-Nancy news these days (they apologized; move on), it was refreshing to see something fun and whimsical related to the brand. … Target, if at any time you proved you like the gays, tonight was the night.” Ok!) The Standard Hotel, in the Meatpacking District, was all aglow with lights and sounds you could probably see from Jersey.

And then there were the angry gays down below who were “waving homemade signs using the Target logo to spell ‘Bigot’ and ‘H8’ [and] shouted ‘shame, shame, shame’ at guests as they streamed out of the Target Kaleidoscopic Fashion Spectacular on Washington Street.” (Yes, gay scenesters like Sparks were among the crowd.)

Except it’s not just a couple of street ‘mos who’ve got a problem with Target’s financial contributions. Even big-stake shareholders — concerned about the company’s reputation — are harshing on Target, insisting the company reexamine its political donation process. LAT: “The three management firms sponsoring the resolution — Calvert Asset Management, Trillium Asset Management and Walden — together hold $57.5 million of Target stock. Other institutional investors, including the giant New York state pension fund and union investment managers, are considering co-signing the resolution, which calls on Target’s independent directors to review the criteria and risks in making donations to organizations active in political campaigns.”

It’s almost enough to make you want to shop at Walmart.

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