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Target’s Most Famous Ex-Shopper Randi Reitan Drops Off Names of 240,000 Boycotters at Target HQ

Hmm, this can’t be good for Target’s public image. On Friday “irate activists” visited the company’s corporate headquarters in downtown Minneapolis to drop off the names of some 240,000 consumers who are livid over the retailer’s support of anti-gay candidates, ranging from Tom Emmer to Michele Bachmann. Randi Reitan, the most awesome ex-Target shopper, was there!

But even after apologizing to LGBT employees over the company’s anti-equality political activity, CEO Gregg Steinhafel apparently doesn’t want to hear from these folks: “Target security blocked the public skyway entrance leading to the 2nd floor lobby forcing the group to deliver their petitions to the foot of the frozen escalator,” reads the YouTube description. “Later, a Minneapolis police Lt said that Target was very happy to have you here.”

Let the countdown begin: Randi wants to sit down with Steinhafel. Will Target’s chief executive block out some time in the conference room?

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