Target’s Pick Tom Emmer Won’t Support Anti-Bullying Laws Since They Just ‘Get In Between People’

I don’t think we need more laws. I think we need more understanding. We need people to start to understand what respect is all about. And guess what? Every one of us has a point of view. We are supposed to respect each other’s point of view, and we’re not supposed to tell somebody, because they have a different point of view, that they are not entitled to have that. We should all be able to have the point of view and respect each other but we don’t need more laws trying to get in between people.

—Tom Emmer, the Target- and Best Buy-backed Republican candidate for Minnesota governor, explaining at a weekend debate why he will not support anti-bullying measures in schools, despite the recent rash of suicides including four alone in the Anoka-Hennepin School District. THIS IS A MAN WITH CHILDREN IN PUBLIC SCHOOL. Democratic opponent Mark Dayton argued the exact opposite.