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Tarotscopes that SLAY: Get your astrology read for filth

Hi everyone. I’m Brandon and I’m your new queer Tarot reader and energy healer. My goal with this fresh-to-death monthly offering is to make esoteric wisdom accessible AF, so that you can use Tarot and Astrology to heal your heart and expand your life. Each New Moon I’ll be coming to you with Tarotscopes that will hopefully encourage you on your path with some specific messages for each sign. Above all, these are written to inspire and empower you!

You’re wondering WTF is a Tarotscope. I got you. It’s like a horoscope, but instead of tuning into just your Astrology (ie. the planets’ influence is on your life), I pull a Tarot card for each sign and through that lens we see what your moonth has in store. I say moonth because first of all, where do you think the word MONTH originated from? Yeah, from the moon herself. Did I just blow your mind?

Think about it, our Gregorian calendar is totally arbitrary and an outdated holdover courtesy of the patriarchy, okur? Which is why I’ll be releasing these Tarotscopes in concert with the New Moon — so that we can start to become aware of what a natural cycle feels like.

Maybe you’re also wondering what the hell is a New Moon but you don’t want to seem basic; again, I got you. A New Moon, which happens thirteen times throughout the course of a year, is when the moon is wholly invisible to us. This happens because the Moon situates itself between the Sun and the Earth, her illuminated side facing away from us.

New Moons ask us to start over so that we can start better. Think of it as a mini New Year’s Eve, that happens every moonth. It’s a great time to make resolutions, start up projects or simply forgive yourself and start anew.


The sign that the moon is in gives us a clue into WHERE this energy of renewal is happening in our lives. With a New Moon in Taurus, we are being asked to look at our relationship with the physical world. This means your body, your house, your car, your purse. And it also means this planet.

Spoiler alert: It’s springtime, babies. All around us things are blooming, things are COMING INTO BEING. The more you can tune into nature, the more you will tune into your own nature. You will start to discover how you too are blooming. You will start to see where new aspects of yourself are coming into being.

I would argue that Taurus is the most sensual of signs, so take a cue from Taurus Queen Cher, and SNAP OUT of your stale routine. Treat yourself to the world of sensation. Use your body for pleasure. Eat lavish meals. Buy a new wardrobe of sumptuous fabrics because they feel so good on your skin. And don’t be cheap, go for the good stuff; Taurus reminds us that we are worth the best– and sometimes quality costs more. Barbra Streisand is also a Taurus, so… need I say more?


Before I get to your personalized Tarotscopes and read you for filth (I kid, I kid), I want to share the card I pulled for all of us this month. That card is THE SUN. And I pulled it reversed.

When a card comes in reversed it doesn’t change the energy itself; what it changes is HOW that energy is coming through. Same energy, different costume. It’s like the latest Kylie Minogue album, still Kylie but she’s coming through country and we were expecting pure pop.

The Sun is a great card. It’s literally the source of light and joy, it signifies bright things in our immediate future. But when the Sun comes in upside down, sometimes that means we are having trouble feeling that warmth. We are having trouble trusting all the good stuff coming in.

So here’s the thing to remember until we meet again: EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS HAPPENING FOR YOU. Even when you can’t understand how that is possibly true, trust you are being taken care of. Stand in your light. Start to claim what is rightfully yours. You’re worth it. Even if you don’t feel ready, it’s time to shine.

Below are personalized Tarotscopes for each sign. Read your sun sign, and if you know your rising sign you can read that too.

Daughter of Pentacles

Hey spicy Aries. This is going to be a good moonth for you but it’s important to pace yourself. Stop what you’re doing and get grounded (body, mind, heart and spirit) so that you don’t burn out mid-Summer.

I know you have some big dreams and you’ve been taking solid action to bring them forwards, but ask yourself: do these dreams have firm roots? What you need right now is some really solid foundation. I’m talking about grounding.

Getting grounded means getting back to nature, both outside yourself and inside yourself.

Pentacles are the suit of earth and they pertain to our physical reality: body, house and bank account. When we pull Daughter of Pentacles we are being asked to step into pure earth energy. How can you connect directly with this planet we call home? How can you remember that you are a part of it?

I try to find some time in the day to put my bare feet in the grass or lay on my back covered in crystals. Ok, listen, if that feels too Shirley McClaine for you, then just start taking a few deep breaths and doing a few stretches first thing in the morning. Being in your body can really help you gather up your energy right now. It will bring you back to yourself. Don’t neglect this!

Don’t overthink it. Try to feel into it. Less brain, more body. Be like a tree and root downwards. Remember the tallest trees have the deepest roots. So if you have plans of world domination and global expansion, you gotta get your foundation ready.

Above all, keep coming back to your breath, your body. Keep tuning into the present moment, because only in this moment, right now, RIGHT NOW, do you have the power to make, change or do anything.

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Son of Wands

Happy Solar Return, sexy Taurus, which is just fancy astrology speak for Happy Birthday. Either you’ve just had it, or you’re about to. And I hope you celebrated the shit out of yourself.

We are well into your patch of the sky and you should really be feeling yourself right about now. You should be feeling your oats something fierce, and if you aren’t, then you better figure out what’s standing in your way. Because the big invitation for you this moonth is to own your essence.

If you’re not in touch with your inner Freddie Mercury, now is the time to channel some serious sexual energy. And I’m not just talking about having sex, although I’m not NOT talking about it.

This moment in your life is about claiming your sexuality and your sensual presence as a superpower. You are oozing charisma this moonth, so own it and put it to use. It’s ok to get noticed. It’s ok to be desired. You have integrity and you won’t misuse your power– so enjoy it, roll around in it, soak it all up.

I know that standing in the spotlight makes you a little nervous, but you weren’t built to be a wallflower, so it’s high time you got used to getting attention. My advice is to let your passion lead you to your perfect stage. What gets you hot? What lights you up? What creative projects are you juiced up about? The time for standing still has passed. Let all this fire, sexual, creative and otherwise, propel your forwards.

This is a time for making moves, taking action, making deals, booking jobs, getting grants, leveling up and lifting off. So what are you waiting for? Another year to pass you by? Hell to the No.

As I just told my Taurus friend Janeth on her birthday: Honey, every time your birthday rolls around, you shed another layer of f*cks. So shed those f*cks, babies. Use those f*cks as kindling for your epic bonfire. And show the world just how brightly you can shine.

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Ten of Wands (reversed)

I’m not gonna lie to you, beguiling Gemini. The ten of wands is a hard card. But it’s also a card of completion. It teaches us how to become masters of our own energy. If we don’t know how to manage our inner resources we can very quickly burn ourselves out. And I have a feeling that you are feeling on the edge of burnout right about now. In fact, I might go so far as to say, you are feeling haggard. When I pull ten of wands, I know that I need to prioritize my life ASAP. So ordinarily I would say to ya’ll: baby, put some wands downs.

Buuuut, this card came in reversed which means there is a plot twist in the read. When I see this baby upside down (and believe me I have many times) it’s an invitation to juggle those wands. Time to try it all and see what sticks. This isn’t a challenge for Geminis necessarily, who are naturally gifted at whatever they put their minds too. But sometimes being too good at too many things can dilute your magnetism and impact. How to choose? Juggle them all and see which naturally fall out of your hands. Others will come back to you effortlessly.

I think if you looked around, and took a long, hard look at where you are in your life, you’d be pretty proud of yourself. And you would see that you have reached the end of a long road. So step into that. Allow it to end. And allow old stories and patterns to end with it.

The traditional interpretation of this card reversed is: the burden is lifted. And I think that’s your goal for this next cycle. If something feels too heavy, or too hard, let it go. You are far too gifted and capable to be wasting your time and resources on something that feels like hitting your head against the wall. You want your work and your creativity and expansive social life to flow from you effortlessly. Remember, if it’s not lifting you up, let it go.

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Five of Pentacles

The sun is shining down on you. But you are not feeling it. And that’s totally ok. Sometimes Spring can be depressing; everyone is flaunting their triceps in tank tops and the flowers are on fleek and you just want to crawl into a hole. I feel you. I get it. And the truth is, five of pentacles is a hard card. It’s a contraction of the heart, a necessary one. So I want to give you permission this cycle to feel ALL OF YOUR FEELS.

There are some really good things in the pipeline for you. But you will not be able to receive any of it with an open heart, if you don’t clear your heart out. So here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it– flood your heart. Clear all that old shit out. Maybe that means your closet too, or your kitchen, or your inbox. Sometimes it’s easier to clear away the physical shit first and let it lead you into your emotional, mental and spiritual clutter. Be gentle with yourself as you move through this– but do move through it! This is the contraction before the expansion, so take advantage of it.

All the new adventures, relationships and opportunities are going to need space to land. If your heart and life are cluttered up with the past, none of this new goodness will be able to reach you. So how do you create space? You cry. Luckily, tears come easy to you, sweet Cancer. You scream. You dance it out of your body. You have to let your sadness go, it’s not helping you.

I’ll leave you with this: when we don’t allow ourselves to feel grief or sadness we literally STOP OUR LIVES from happening. And I know you don’t want your life to come to halt. So before you death drop on yourself, why not have the courage to feel what’s really happening. Let it move through you like the flu. Don’t hold on. Don’t ask why. Feel it all and let it go. Spring clean your heart with the medicine of your tears. And I promise you, afterward, you will feel more space, more grace and more light than you have in a long while.

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The Emperor

Well hello there, radiant Leo. This moonth for you is about structure and discipline– I know, not your favorite words. But all your creativity and charisma would benefit from a little more organization. You can’t just coast on charm. Well, I mean you can. You’ve been doing it for years and it works. It totally works. But if you took a little time to figure out the best structure for all that charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent you would literally be unstoppable.

When the Emperor shows up, it’s to remind us that we are building an empire. So what is your empire called? What is it built on? Is it an empire of empowerment? Is it an empire of excess? And what about the citizens that depend on this empire? Are they being cared for? Leos are natural leaders, they lead with their hearts– so you are being invited into leadership this month. You are being invited into recognizing your community that cherishes and respects you and needs you to step up into your authority.

Lemme ask you a question? How do you think Beyonce does it? I mean, really? Where does all that drive and tenacity come from? Doesn’t she get exhausted? Doesn’t she ever just want to sit in the dark and eat some french fries? You know what, I bet she does. But I think Beyonce realizes that her life is bigger than her. She is connected to a much larger sense of purpose. She knows that people are counting on her, the world is counting on her– and that is probably what keeps her going. I mean that, and all her money and assistants. Why am I even talking about Beyonce to you, especially when she isn’t even a Leo? Because you need what she has. A connection to a call larger than yourself.

Don’t get me wrong, you are here to be celebrated. You are here to be recognized widely. But that will only come once you’ve taken up the mantle of your life’s work– which is leadership in some capacity. There is a community that needs you to be their voice. Maybe it’s just your friend group, maybe it’s just Gayle in accounting, but maybe it’s the world. Time to pay attention to who your citizens are and how you can serve them. And remember it works both ways, you give to your community and they give back. Our communities give us foundation, they call us back when we’ve gone off the rails.

Let me conclude with a quote from Ava DuVernay: “If your dream is only about you, it’s too small.” So dream bigger and dream forward. Dream some dreams for your family, your chosen family, your city, your country even. We are all counting on you to spin your sex appeal and star power into medicine for the masses. And with your inner emperor calling the shots I have no doubt you will succeed.

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Mother of Cups

Something mysterious happens to Virgos in the spring. They start to bloom, too. Even though this practical, organized sign is very much rooted in physical reality, they also contain profound depths. This month invites you to identify where you are blooming inwardly, not just outwardly. You’ll be surprised to find that even your depths have depths.

As the natural world wakes up and shows off around you, your inner gifts are glittering as well, beckoning you to learn and play with them. Just because you can’t put these inner personal experiences into a neat little box doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable. Let yourself evolve past labels and take a deep dive into your own imagination and intuition.

Mother of Cups calls us into the waters of mystery. She is profoundly psychic and connected to the oneness of all things. But she doesn’t necessarily have words. She doesn’t always know what she’s moving through until it’s behind her. And you are being ushered into embodying this wise and watery warrior of the unseen. Which I know is totally not one of your natural inclinations. However, that makes this exciting.

Listen, capable Virgo, I know everyone sees you as always having your shit together, but, it’s ok not to have all the answers all the time. Virgos are the sign of the healer. At their highest vibration, they are the pure light that restores everything around them to perfection. And in my experience, the most profound healing happens when you get out of your own way, when you throw your plans out the window and allow the mystery.

There is a profound and sacred transformation happening within you at this time. You don’t have to understand it, you just have to be there for it. I would venture that some of your own psychic and creative gifts are revealing themselves to you and that can be scary at first. But the more you give yourself permission to splash in those deep waters, to experiment and explore– the more you will start to understand what is happening in a place beyond words.

You will look back on this cycle with tremendous gratitude. So my advice is to allow the mystery to envelop you. Take lots of baths, drink lots of water, indulge in lots of quiet time and release the need to KNOW what’s happening– just let it happen.

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Daughter of Swords (reversed)

I know this is our first encounter, beautiful Libra, and I don’t want to scare you away but I have to give you some tough love. STOP GIVING YOURSELF AWAY. Ok that was it, not so bad, right? This month is asking you to give all of your attention and energy to yourself.

Whenever I see this card I think of the gay pride flag. And you can see that behind this snowy white owl is a whole rainbow of colored lights. But that’s not why. I think of the gay pride flag because the Daughter of Swords is the poster child for authenticity. She’s the one that waves her own flag that says: this is what I am, take it or leave it. And that’s what you’re being invited into this month. It won’t be easy. Because you want to make everyone around you happy. And sometimes (lots of times) you put your own needs last. But you are ready to change. Really, you are.

Other people’s problems are not your problem. And if you don’t know what you want YOUR OWN LIFE to look like or feel like, that’s your work this cycle. To honor yourself wayyyyyy more than you are honoring others. And to stop hiding from yourself in your relationships and your work.

I think this card is coming in reversed because you are a little scared of your own power. And now you are being asked to gather up all of yourself, which can be truly terrifying at first. But you are magnificent. EXACTLY AS YOU ARE. So take this next cycle as an opportunity to celebrate yourself, to throw yourself a gay pride parade. And if people have a problem with it, well, what did I just say? OTHER PEOPLE’S PROBLEMS ARE NOT YOUR PROBLEM.

The essence of this card is truth. Are you living your truth? Or are you hiding from it? Are you watering it down? If you can begin to show up as you truly are, in all interactions, you will quickly learn that your power is nothing to be scared of– it’s something to be inspired by. Living your truth will empower everyone around you to do the same. So help others by helping yourself. And use your one-on-one relationships to see just how much of YOU, you can actually bring into the light. Shine on, Libra, I know you can!

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Son of Cups

I’m gonna cut right to the chase because I know you will appreciate the directness and intensity of this message. It is time to stop obsessing inwardly and start making moves. Use everything you have been uncovering about yourself but don’t let it consume you. You have mined your depths, now you must use them. This month is a fast-moving portal to align your inner depths with your outer world. And if you accept this invitation I think you’ll be shocked at how quickly your new life will manifest.

I’m reminded of a short poem by Mary Oliver called The Uses of Sorrow that goes like this:

“Someone I loved once gave me

a box full of darkness.

It took me years to understand

that this, too, was a gift.”

I’m gonna wager that you’ve opened that box. You’ve pulled out all the contents. You could name every darkness in your depths. But have you identified the gifts? Have you brought that darkness into the light, and seen which bits glimmer and shine? This month is gonna stir up your deepest waters so that you can see exactly what needs to be healed. What is still unclaimed and unloved in you.

Son of Cups is an invitation to move through your emotions, instead of just stewing in them. And I think that is exactly the sort of relief you could use right now. Feel it, name it, let it go– as opposed to feel it, name it, hold a grudge forever. You see what I mean?

Let me try to say this in a different way: This box full of darkness is just energy, neither good nor bad. And you have the power to transform this energy into the fuel that will propel you forward. So don’t get mired in your own melancholy. Get moving! It’s like you’re Persephone, who spends half the year in the underworld and the other half in the sun. Enough time has been spent in hell, Scorpio. Pack a bag and come join us on the bright side!

Above all this moonth is for your healing. And you can’t heal alone. So whether it’s reaching out to the Earth herself, your ancestors, or your best friend– it’s ok to show some vulnerability. It’s ok to reveal what you’ve been going through. Maybe you can’t discern the gift in this darkness, but your bff can. And maybe that naked exchange in and of itself will gift you the deeper connection and transformation you inherently crave. You’re powerful AF, Scorpio, so full steam ahead, okay, mama?

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Father of Swords (reversed)

When I tune into you, dynamic Sagittarius, I feel a constriction in my throat. Like I’m not using my full voice. Or when I tell the truth it’s coming out watered down, or maybe getting misinterpreted. Ain’t nobody got time for that. This moonth is about you getting very loud and clear about your beliefs and your needs. Remember that when you speak up for yourself, you speak up for all those without a voice– for all those who are not seen and are not heard. This moonth is a major opportunity for you to engage with more public speaking and more teaching from your heart.

No one can spread YOUR message. No one can speak your truth. I know it’s easier to stay quiet than to speak up, but it’s time. Speak up. You know what they say on the MTA: If you see something, say something. You are an authority. Yes, you are still learning, but you will always be learning. Now, you are ready to be teaching. Right now. As you are. Now, you are ready to be claiming your place in the world. And the more fear and resistance you feel to this call, the more important it is that you answer it!

Father of Swords is the king of the mental realm, he doesn’t have to buy a vowel ‘cuz he owns the whole damn alphabet. And you do too. This cycle wants you to use your words for the greater good. But for you, too. You’re used to being the life of the party, so I know it feels a little unsafe when I say you need to be expressing ALL of yourself. But hear me out, expressing your vulnerability will bring people closer to you. And THE MORE YOU EXPRESS YOURSELF, THE BETTER YOU WILL FEEL.

I grew up with a naturally loud voice. I was truly a librarian’s worst nightmare. Even my whispering was too loud. As I got older, when people would tell me to be quiet, or shush me, I would get enraged. How dare you deny me my experience. And that’s how I think you might be feeling right now. Like the world isn’t holding space for you to have your own experience. Well, you’re probably right. But you can’t wait for an invitation. You gots to invite yo’self… Or let me invite you.

Every time you hold back, or self censor, you deny us all the gifts of your experience. And every time you speak up, you heal a piece of yourself that didn’t get the opportunity in the past. So express yourself this month, sing, write, laugh out loud– and if anyone tries to keep you quiet, you tell them (from me) to f*ck off.

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Three of Cups (reversed)

Hey, clever Capricorn, it’s time to enjoy yourself. I know, you’d rather be building your empire or planning your next move. But that’s not the invitation right now. Three of cups asks us to enjoy the present moment, to savor the richness of our relationships. See if you can allow yourself to relax a little. I promise your empire won’t crumble just because you take a vacation.

I want to remind you of one of my favorite Coco Chanel quotes. “The best things in life are free. The second best are very, very expensive.” It’s cliche but it’s true. Think about it. The sunset is free. But the yacht to your private island to see it is exxxxpensive. You need both, but I think you’ve been a little obsessed with the sticker price of late, not necessarily the experience itself. It’s like when I was in high school and a total label whore. I would buy anything designer, even if it looked like shit. I was overrun by the story of the purchase as opposed to how it made me feel. Take this month and pay attention to what you can’t buy as opposed to the price tag of everything.

The suit of cups rules our emotions, our relationships and sometimes our creativity– essentially things that flow. And because it came in upside down, I feel like there is some sort of block in you when it comes to letting things flow. You are a planner, and that’s part of your magic– I would never deny you your true gifts. But you gotta let yourself enjoy the plan. You work hard and you struggle and you’re really good at that. But are you good at allowing yourself to receive your own talents? See if you can take this next cycle to work on receiving, allowing, enjoying. I’m not worried about your hustle, you can do that with your eyes closed.

Above all this card encourages us to cherish our relationships. To make time for our friends. To call our grandparents and parents while the opportunity is still available to us. But I would be remiss if I didn’t offer up one more interpretation of this card, which I have outright stolen from my husband because he’s so damn brilliant. He sees the three of cups as the new friends card. When you pull it, keep your heart open and your eyes peeled because new people are coming through. So let yourself have fun this month and make new friends who are truly in alignment with who you are. And if you take it easy this month, I promise you can put your nose to the grindstone next month.

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Ace of Swords

Hi, kooky Aquarius, you’re a freak and I love you for it and we can talk like this because I’m one of you. So let’s talk about the suit of swords for a minute. Swords speak to the stories we tell ourself; our habits and patterns.

Think about a literal sword. Turned outward, it clears our path and slices through illusion. A sword turned inward is how we cut ourselves, self-sabotage, self-destruct. A good story will do the same thing, lead us forwards or hold us back. So this card opens up A BRAND NEW STORY FOR YOUR LIFE. Why? Because aces signify beginnings, usually very strong, very fated beginnings.

It’s time to wipe your mind clean and I’m not talking about the last time you ate mushrooms. This is the moonth for you to start telling yourself a brand new story about the life you wanna live and how it’s going to happen. You are not bound by anything. Not the past, your resources or your family. The sky’s the limit and then keep going!

I am giving you permission right now to come up with a new headline for your life and then start to believe it. Because it will come true. The only thing standing in your way is your own incredible mind.

I’ve got an Aquarius friend who has changed his name several times throughout the course of his life. I imagine it’s one way for him to put the past to bed and claim a new chapter in his life. Now, I’m not gonna suggest you change your name, because you’d probably do it and the paperwork is extreme. But, just between us Aquarians, what is the new name for this new life you’re about to embark on? What is this next chapter titled? I think it would really help you to get clear about it.

Let’s be real radical Aquarius, we prefer to do things our own way. Life feels more fun when we get to make it up and innovate our path forwards. And that’s what this card is drawing out of you: your innate ability to start again through your unique mind. Change the headline in your head and notice how the world around you will amplify that story.

My headline used to be: Brandon Always Gets Overlooked. And then my life would reaffirm that bullshit story. Now my headline is: Brandon Has Things to Say and People Listen– and you’re reading this aren’t you? So there we go. That’s the power of a good story and one strong sword.

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Two of Swords (reversed)

Hey, magic Pisces, I want you to know that I really understand your struggle. It’s not easy being psychic AF and sensitive to boot. But you just need to accept that you are a little more sensitive than everyone else and that is an asset.

You are not crazy. The things you see and hear and feel are real, just not where everyone else can access them. It’s not your job to convince people, they will come to see the invisible world in their own time. Your job is to double down on your self care so that you can continue to receive insights and downloads.

This month is really asking you to give yourself more time and more space to recover from big events, or even just brunch. And you need to stop giving yourself such a hard time for needing that care. Lavish it upon yourself.

Here’s the deal, as things start to heat up, all this fire can bring your water to a boil. Which means you may be feeling more anxiety than usual. But the opportunity with two of swords is to observe your anxieties, as opposed to wrestling with them.

This card invites us into meditation and observation. So that’s where you’ll be this month. Cooling your jets and tending to your needs. Which may be easier said than done, but that’s why I’m here, to help you through it.

Don’t let your anxieties pressure you into making a decision you’re not ready to make. Not making a decision is still making a decision. Wait. Practice patience. You are learning the art of timing, when to jump and when to wait. I know you can get swept up in other people’s currents, but this month you need boundaries.

Remember that NO is a complete sentence. You don’t have to justify or explain yourself. You can just say no. Say no to projects that bore you, people that exasperate you, places that bleed you dry. And above all, allow yourself to observe what these people, places and things are awakening in you.

Your saving grace this moonth will not be coming from the outside world; the call is coming from inside the house, honey. Notice your responses but don’t become tangled up in them. Practice stillness, or learn how to achieve it for the first time.

Conflict will tempt you, it may taunt you, but I have every confidence you will find a way not to engage with it. When your outer world gets rocky, take refuge and observe your own inner world. Because as you well know, THAT’S WHERE THE MAGIC IS.

BRANDON ALTER is a queer healer, teacher and writer living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about sharing spiritual tools that REALLY WORK and helping others reconnect to the wisdom of their hearts.

Brandon’s mom took him to his very first psychic when he was seven, and since then he has devoted himself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and Shamanic Skills. Above all, he believes that a spiritual life should be FUN; if wounding hurts like hell, healing should be a pleasure to experience and behold.

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