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Tarotscopes that slay for the new moon in Virgo

We were quite thorough in our Virgo Season Astro Club (which PS you can still get a recording of if you want!). We detailed not just the upcoming transits but examined the full archetype of Virgo. She’s a healer, she’s an analyzer, she’s a process oriented, hard-working, boss bitch. But you know what we forgot to mention– she’s a witch. Yes, that’s right. Virgo energy is deeply mystical, it just doesn’t come through how you’d expect.

Remember that the signs come to us in pairs. Really there are only six signs, each has two faces. Angel and I call these the axes of the Zodiac. The dynamic between each sign and its polar opposite teaches us something about its hidden core. Currently, in Virgo Season, we find ourselves in the axis of the body and the soul. Virgo’s physical quality illuminates the numinous quality of Pisces, its Astrological twin. We may not think of Virgo as transcendent, creative, sensitive and intuitive– but it is. It just walks a different road to get there.

When we remember our bodies, we get in touch with our soul. When we plug into something natural, we can touch something profoundly spiritual. Virgo Season is a time to put ourselves into a physical structure that allows us to remember something invisible. Like a witch working on a spell, Virgo knows exactly what is required to make the magic happen. They don’t just wave a wand, they work hard for that magic– combining each correct ingredient until the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

So I take that back, maybe Virgo is mystical in exactly the way you’d expect– what’s more classically witch-like than someone lording over a cauldron, brewing up a magic potion. The physical is a gateway to the invisible, that’s the Virgo/Pisces polarity. The Tarot Cards are material, but they allude to something energetic. And when we meditate on them they summon forth what they depict.The shapeshifting earth of Virgo allows us to connect to spirit but we need a container in order to do it. Unlike Pisces who can just close their eyes and enter the world of spirit, Virgo needs a practice, a framework, a wayfinder.

In pulling the cards for this month’s Tarotscopes, I was shocked to discover eight court cards assembled before me. That’s well over half the entire pull. There are only sixteen of these cards total in the deck, so the fact that they were the bulk of the cards pulled seemed supremely relevant. And to those who don’t speak Tarot language, Court Cards serve as a mirror. They show up to remind us to step into the energy illustrated. Not to just work with it, but to be it. To me, this communicated the essential quality of embodiment that Virgo Season asks of us. We can’t just know something, we must absorb it into our bodies. We can’t just analyze it, we must become it.

It’s not unlike the way I picked up my rattles and shook them as I blindly pulled the cards for this month’s Tarotscopes. The rattles are physical, I can feel them in my hand. And yet, they transport me. They allow me to access another part of myself when I do divination work. This too is the Virgo/Pisces axis. Something tangible that leads to something ineffable. The grain of sand containing the entire beach. The star holding the whole universe within.

This New Moon in Virgo is a doozy, it practically demands we cast some sort of spell over our lives. Making a direct square to Mars in Gemini, this Moon wants us to take concrete action to bring ourselves back into alignment. Square energy can feel like a crisis but really it’s a call to action. A mutubale square can feel like an overwhelm. When two mutable signs push back against each other we might feel wishy washy, paralyzed by too many choices, or unable to discern the truth. The key here is to pick one thing and tend to it.

Virgos are healers by nature, ritualists, soul-tenders, they know how to follow a process to its natural end. They don’t start one thing and finish another. And so this New Moon wants us to start something that’s just for us, for our true wellbeing. And even if it’s something small, it might grow in ways we can’t have predicted. Let the energy of Mars inspire you to make some sort of move in your life that reconnects the bridge between your body and your spirit. Recommit to one daily practice that helps you be of service to your soul. It will nourish you in ways so much larger than that one tiny act.

Maybe that one tiny act is signing up for our Cosmic Healing Retreat at the end of October. We are so excited and honored to be hosting a healing circle at the Kripalu center in the magical Berkshires. Weaving together Astrology, Tarot, Breathwork and Animist practices, we will take you deep into your intuition and help you re-reconnect to your inner guide. Maybe that one tiny act is joining us for Breathwork this Saturday as we breathe for the grace required to meet these spiky times. Whatever you choose, make the most of this New Moon portal and commit to yourself in a way that reminds your soul how devoted you are to it.

Mars will be Gemini for a hot minute, honey’s. until March of 2023, actually. And so our latest podcast is all about helping you understand what it means for the planet of action to be spending so much time in the sign of duality. Mars in Gemini essentially wants to walk two roads at the same time… and maybe they can. When this planet of impulse finds itself overwhelmed by possibility in Gemini, it may just have to make a decision and follow it as far as it will take them– knowing they will more than likely have to double back and choose again.

As Mars transits the sign of the twins, they are fueled by curiosity, seeking new motivation. Mars may have to make two plans or do things twice here. Mars in Gemini can be quick and quick witted, sometimes putting their foot in their mouth or causing arguments. Trust that there’s always more to the story here. So do your best to act on the information you have, but you should trust that the whole picture hasn’t quite yet come to light.

To celebrate the season, Angel has channeled a truly perfect Virgo playlist, please enjoy the music and your Tarotscopes below.

Read for your Sun Sign first and then, in thorough Virgo fashion, just read them all.


B + A


Queen of Swords RX

The Queen of Swords is you when you unflinchingly look at the truth. Sometimes this is a truth about yourself. The reversal of this card may suggest it’s an inner truth that’s hard to face. But as the Queen of Swords, you will be able to be fair. You will be an impartial and an objective observer of what is actually happening– in your own inner landscape and out in the world. Give yourself permission this month to speak up and speak out about what you see. This is not a time to turn a blind eye, even though you may be tempted. This is a time to let yourself be impaled by the truth because, ultimately, it will set us all free.

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The Hermit RX

The Hermit asks us to go deep within ourselves and make sure our inner flame is lit. The inner flame is the heart lamp, the source of our passion, guidance and care. When this inner light shines brightly, it leads us out into the world in ways that keep us connected to our deepest truth. When it dims or goes out completely we are more easily persuaded to participate in projects, relationships and systems that don’t actually sing our hearts true song. To find this light you must walk the inward road of solitude and silence. This is a moment to go on retreat, to turn off the phone and remember your relationship with yourself– even if you don’t want to. Especially if you don’t want to!

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Knight of Pentacles 

The Knight of Pentacles is you when you keep your eye on the prize and stay committed to making your dreams a reality. This is the supreme manifester of the deck, who knows how to bring a vision into the world. By staying focused and taking things one step at a time, the Knight is a confident figure who whole-heartedly believes in the power of their dreams. Look at how you straddle that horse, gazing intently at the glowing pentacle. By listening deeply to how your projects want to unfold, you will be able to service them. Don’t force, don’t push, don’t manipulate– rather let yourself be guided forwards towards fruition.

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The Devil RX

The Devil shows up after a transcendent experience, shakes us from our meditative awakening. You think you’ve got it all figured out and then the Devil comes in to remind you that you don’t. And that’s ok. There’s a playful quality to this dark magician; they’ve got jokes, top shelf booze and they look great naked. So maybe you’re supposed to take a month and remember the physical pleasures of existence. Spoiler alert: they’re not besides the point. The enemy of the Devil is seriousness and bloated self-importance. Try lightening up, laughing a little more. The Devil knows that no one gets out of life alive, so we might as well stop resisting enjoying all we can while we’re here.

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Queen of Pentacles

The Queen of Pentacle is you when you lovingly take yourself in hand and give yourself what you need. This is truly the archetypal mother of the deck, encouraging you to tap your inner nurturer and tend yourself with care. So I ask you, when was the last time you really asked your inner child what they needed? Are they sad? Do they need ice cream? Maybe they need more sleep, less TV, a gentle walk in the morning to connect with nature. Whatever it is, this is a moment for you to really inquire what your current needs are and how to meet them. Good parenting starts within and whether you have kids or would rather just adopt a pack of dogs, there’s no substitute for being a good Mom to yourself.

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Nine of Pentacles RX

You’re getting dangerously close to discovering something about your worth in the world. The Nine of Pentacles is when we remember our true value, not as something we do but as who we inherently are. It’s a graduation of sorts where we learn how to celebrate ourselves and our innate gifts. But the reversal of this card has me thinking that you’ve been leaning too far out to get your inner validation. A felt sense of your own true value shouldn’t be informed by others, it should be informed by your own pleasure and inner knowing. Spend the month reminding yourself what matters to you about you. It may be (and probably should be) wholly different from the things your lover, your mother or your boss finds most appealing about you.

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King of Swords

The King of Swords is you when you speak up and speak out with the authority of your experience. This is a teacher archetype, a writer, a wizard of words, spoken and otherwise. And funnily enough, I find it’s a card that comes up for Pisces alot. I think that’s because Pisces can get lost in the inner swirl of psychic knowing and feel insecure giving voice to what they understand. But we need your truth! We need your experience! Don’t hide it, don’t pull it back or dumb it down. Give us the high-proof truth serum and let us get drunk on your wisdom. Maybe the Sun hanging out in the sign of your opposite will challenge you to step into the spotlight and assure your voice is heard.

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The Tower

Okay babe, this month is when the shit hits the fan, but you already knew that. You’be been hearing the creaks in the floorboards and seeing the cracks in the foundation. You knew it was just a matter of time until the whole thing came crashing down. And thank Goddess it’s finally going to crumble because, tell the truth, you’ve hated living in this particular structure. You’re ready for a new adventure and you’ve been deluding yourself pretending that things are going exactly as your heart had hoped. The Tower is truly a limo ride towards liberation, a place we actually want to go. So don’t hold on as things get torn down, just get out of the way and celebrate your new day.

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Queen of Cups RX

The Queen of Cups is you when you allow the mystery of being to take you over completely. You are not who you once were and yet the shore of your new self is still somewhere over the horizon. If you can just trust the descent and even try to enjoy this strange new sensation of who you are becoming, you will be the glorious arbiter of your own transformation. The Queen of Cups is an empress of intuition and watery depths, she cannot articulate her experience, only surrender fully to it. Do not resist your longings, your sensitivities, your strange awakenings– they are a scavenger hunt leading towards the bright glittering shore of your soon rebirth.

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Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is you when you figure out that your authenticity is the only hill you’re willing to die on and you fight for it relentlessly. This is pure gives-no-fucks energy, expressed in a way that has teeth and claws but also sweet kisses for those who are willing to stand alongside you. People misunderstand the Pages, they think they are naive and beginners but that is not true. They are innocent, sure, but that innocence isn’t a lack of experience or learning– rather it is the ability to be found by the world, the ability to let yourself be seen. The Page of Swords is brave enough to expose who they really are while they are discovering it. You are discovering yourself this month while you also put yourself on display. It’s nervy and risky for sure, but also thrilling in a way only a Gemini can appreciate.

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Page of Wands

The Page of Wands is you when you allow yourself to be found by the world of spirit. This is an energy deeply attuned to the invisible world, trusting the currents of hidden rivers and following them to the great glittering source of all things. Do not rush yourself this month. Do not borrow against yourself energy you do not have. But also, do not hold back when you feel the call. Do not worry about getting enough sleep if you have inspiration that takes you through the night. Do not worry about arbitrary deadlines if you don’t have the motivation to meet them. Trust the divine timing that all things unfold as they must so long as you keep your heart on the pulse of the hidden cosmos.

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Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is you when you allow your innate sexuality to infuse everything you touch. This is a moment to let your skin light on fire and remember the physical joys of being alive. We are so afraid of sex in this Patriarchal culture wrapped in the vestiges of Puritanism. Sex has been demonized, weaponized, commercialized in ways that have divorced us from the true spiritual power of our own desire. The Queen of Wands understands that her desire is a sweeping path that leads her to a mansion of spiritual wisdom. When she lets her sensuality lead the way, everything she encounters becomes part of her, and in that exchange, she learns who she really is.

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BRANDON ALTER is a spiritual healer, Tarot reader, Astrologer, mystic and writer living in Los Angeles. They are passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped them reconnect to the wisdom of their heart. Brandon is a thoroughly trained healer and teacher who co-hosts The Spiritual Gayz with their husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality, without pretending that it all makes sense. Brandon’s mom took them to their very first psychic when they were seven and gave them their first Tarot deck when they were eleven. Since then Brandon has devoted themself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and the myriad ways one can work and heal with the help of the spirits.

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