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Tarotscopes that slay for a spicy new moon in Aries

You are a banquet. A congregation. A sacred gathering of elders. The self is not one finite thing, it is an event that keeps on happening. Keeps evolving. We look to the planets in our solar system (and planetoids and asteroids) to help us personify the many different core energies that make up who we are.

The planets, in their celestial dance, are here to remind you that you are not a single stone. You are a collection of jewels reflecting each other. Consider the Sun like a diamond, that essence energy that shines so brightly. Mars: a bloodied garnet, heavy, embodied and alive. Venus can’t be anything but an emerald, divine and rare.  Mercury is a Lapis Lazuli, with flashes of gold like bursts of inspiration. And the Moon is a black diamond, glittering, hidden and seductive.

If we can start to think of ourselves in this way, with each of the planets embedded within, we can be more compassionate towards ourselves and the inherent contradictions and paradoxes we contain. The planets help us converse within ourselves and understand how to partner with ourselves or, sometimes, go to war.  This brings us to the New Moon in Aries which brings quite a few aspects of ourselves into conversation with each other. Imagine the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Chiron all gathering around the kitchen table of your being and figuring things out. This is an initiatory assemblage of your Soul, your Heart, your Mind and your Wounded Child coming together to start something new.

Even though the Sun entered Aries weeks ago, it’s not until the New Moon in Aries that our heart catches up to this new start. It’s like having a spiritual jet lag, you know you’re in a new realm but you haven’t quite adjusted yet. This spicy New Moon, flanked by Mercury and Chiron respectively, asks us to consider the deepest intention behind our actions. It’s like a New Moon sandwich and it has some picante questions for us to answer. Are we engaging in something because we are acting out of a place of pain or shame? Or are we acting from a desire to heal? Only your inner dialogue with Chiron can shine light on what is true for you.

Planets in Aries always answer to Mars. Currently, Mars is approaching a conjunction to Saturn—which is never a fan favorite. This tight spot in Aquarius squares the Nodes of Fate in Taurus and Scorpio. It’s a pressure cooker of energy, a tight spot— the proverbial rock and hard place and even harder place. The key is to not take other people’s resistance or rejection personally— take it cosmically.

There’s a new start for all of us ready to be felt into existence. The New Moon conjunct Chiron may have us feeling raw but it’s ultimately for our own good. If you can address where you are deeply wounded, you prevent it from continuing to run the show of your life. Imagine your triggers like paper cuts, they leave you exposed to the elements and make you move in unnatural ways. Once we heal the deep shit we can be free to move however we please. But first we have to see it, free it, feel it and heal it. Say it with me: See it, Free it, Feel it, Heal it.

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The Astrology of the next few weeks is definitely full of peaks and valleys. Be gentle with yourself and kind to others. There’s hope and optimism available if you can turn the hidden corner and embrace it. And if you’re wanting to stay more in the know about upcoming transits and cosmic happenings, join us for our Taurus Season Astro Club later this month.

Find your New Moon Tarotscopes below.

Read for your Sun Sign first.

Then feel free to choose your own adventure.


Queen of Swords RX

There’s something you’re trying to turn a blind-eye to. A red flag you wish you didn’t see. Well, too bad, babes. You saw it. The truth refuses to hide and your job is to clock it. The Queen of Swords is you when you stand in your ability to speak the truth with love. Now, maybe this isn’t the moment for you to speak out— but just because you shouldn’t say it, doesn’t mean you should forget it ever happened.

The Queen of Swords earns her right to tell the truth on others because she’s able to take responsibility for own her truth as well. Where are you being dishonest and deceptive with yourself? The more honesty you can bring to your own inner realm, the more power you’ll feel to vanquish lies and illusions when they appear in front of you.

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Wheel of Fortune

Well, it’s about time, Taurus. Your luck is about to change. Get ready for a dynamic wind to blow through your life and shake up your status quo. The Wheel of Fortune is like the Wells Fargo Wagon rolling into town with gifts and blessings. Except this Wheel is unexpected and it only shows up because you cast some sort of summoning spell.  The Wheel of Fortune rearranges our outer fate because we’ve been doing some deep inner work. Now the outside matches the inside. Spiritually, the curtains match the drapes.

Your job is to say yes! Keep your eyes peeled for major opportunities, windfalls and opportunities for expansion and growth. Abundance sounds great but sometimes it comes with hard work attached— roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig in.

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Nine of Wands

Slow and steady wins the race, sweet Gemini. This is a marathon, not a sprint— so ensure you are pacing yourself each and every day. Anything worth having is worth walking the long, lonely road for— and honestly, the long days and hard nights are actually part of the fun when you genuinely care about the destination. So, what is the destination worth walking your life towards? Have you lost faith in the dream? Or are you just tired and needing to take a little nap before continuing onwards. The key here is sustainability.

Your dreams are closer than ever, even if you can’t see it or feel it. But don’t exhaust yourself before they show up at your door. When it’s your moment, you’ll want to feel fresh-faced and ready to shine. There’s no reason not to give yourself a little more grace right now. You’ll still reach your destination, even if you relax your pace a little.

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Knight of Pentacles

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and start building your dreams brick by brick? The Knight of Pentacles is you when you approach a goal with steadfast determination. There’s a head-down, nose-to-the-grindstone quality about this energy that is calling to you. Now is not the time to give up the routine. Imagine you were a sculptor. You need the discipline more than ever to wake up each morning and keep etching away at that giant block of stone. The angel within won’t reveal themselves overnight.

Showing up regularly will keep you in shape, so when inspiration strikes, you’re poised and ready to receive it. Look to the work itself to whisper to you how to finish it. Trust that your finish line is closer than you think, so long as you renew your commitment to your goals.

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Nine of Pentacles RX

Somewhere in the last few months you’ve forgotten what a dynamic badass you are. A few months ago, you remembered. You felt it surging through you, infusing every conversation and exchange. But now you’re up to your usual tricks, doubting the road ahead and your own ability to achieve the dreams you want. Well, snap out of it. Now is not the time to let your inner-saboteur get in the way.

Take some time this month to put yourself in a sanctuary of your own making and renew your inherent belief in your gifts. You have a real value in the world and the more you can keep polishing it, the more brightly it will shine when others behold you.

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The Chariot

You asked for it. You worked damn hard for it. Now is the time to embrace it. This success is well earned and you need to soak it up, not hold your breath. It’s so easy for a Virgo to criticize even the biggest win. And do you know what that’s all about? You’re protecting yourself. From what? Well that’s for you to answer. It’s ok to receive praise. It’s ok to step into the light. It’s ok to get a big head for a moment. Especially when you’ve been toiling at something for so long.

Sometimes the most vulnerable thing we can do is to receive our own success. And that’s the challenge of this moment. Let down your guard. Be porous. Stand in the light you created. And take a deep breath.  Smell that? It’s the sweet smell of success. And I want you to bottle it and save it so you have it for later.

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Ace of Pentacles RX

The new beginning you secretly wished for in your heart is finally here. Don’t resist it. Don’t hold your breath thinking it’s too good to be true. Somewhere in your life is a verdant garden, teeming with life, and you’ve been handed the keys. Walk through and open your heart to this ripe new beginning.

When the Ace of Pentacles comes in upside down, it may indicate your resistance to this lush opportunity. It may also indicate that the externals of your life are not going to magically rearrange themselves but something in you will. Same space but inside yourself it’s a whole place you can play. Keep your eyes peeled for this opening and embrace it.

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The World RX

Just because we want something to be over doesn’t mean it’s actually over. In fact, our ability to see something through to its final end is where the character gets built. Your job is to not resist the continuation of projects or relationships that still have some stages ahead of them. This is not a time to eject or abort. Rather, it’s a time to get gritty. Recommit and practice the warriorship of completion to make your way to the finish line.

If you choose to leave, know that there will be lingering dissatisfaction and curiosity. Know that there are gifts you will have abandoned. This isn’t punitive, it’s just that sometimes we leave right before the getting gets good. Stay in and stick it out just a little longer. You’ll be so glad you did.

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Judgment RX

Judgment is when Dorothy returns to Kansas after her wild adventure through Oz. She’s a different girl. Her experiences have changed her. But the next chapter is up to her. Will she return to her ordinary chores and way of life? Or will she let her experiences transform her future? This is where you find yourself. You have transformed. But you must fight to keep this transformation alive.

There are two doors available to you. One leads back where you’ve been and the other leads forwards, towards more aligned opportunities and adventures. Work to choose the latter. Your transformation was hard won, don’t relinquish it so easily.

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Four of Cups RX

The Four of Cups is a card that asks us to re-sensitize ourselves to our hearts. Maybe it’s been a minute since we dropped into that soft inner space. Maybe we’ve been drinking five shot coffees and running around too busy to hear our inner voice. Maybe we’re addicted to drama, letting our nervous systems spiral out of control. Either way, the Four of Cups says, gurl, slow down.

Pull yourself out of the river of your life for a moment and sit on the shore. Here you can notice the truth your heart wants to share with you. Do what you can to quiet the outer noise so you can listen to the supreme song of your inner wisdom. You might just build a whole new emotional foundation.

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The Devil

Here’s the tea, Aquarius: With Mars and Saturn currently heavy-ing up your home sign, it’s no surprise you’re reaching for whatever brings you one relief. It’s not easy to be an Aquarius right now. But that doesn’t give you carte blanche to indulge all your worst vices. So try to limit the shopping, the fucking, the drinking, eating, drugs, scrolling, or whatever is numbing you all the way out.

The Devil wants to teach us the right relationship with pleasure and the physical world— his trap is when we find ourselves paralyzed without those crutches we thought were just fun little helpers through a rough patch. Don’t avoid please but make certain you have your pleasures before they have a firm grip on you.

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Page of Swords

The Page of Swords is you when you truly give no fucks and stand your ground. Once you find the hill you’re willing to die on, welding the single true sword of your authenticity, you will find peace. Until then, you will continue to be jerked around by scaredy-cats, idiots and rule followers— capitalists and bigots and boring basics.

So your job is to get clear on what story you want to tell with your life, your whole life— from morning coffee to late night floss. This is the sword you live on the edge of. And let it slice away anyone who dares disagree or stand in your way. This is your life. Fight for it.

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BRANDON ALTER is a spiritual healer, Tarot reader, Astrologer, mystic and writer living in Los Angeles. He is passionate about sharing spiritual tools that have helped him reconnect to the wisdom of his heart. Brandon is a thoroughly trained healer and teacher who co-hosts The Spiritual Gayz with his husband, a twice-monthly podcast dedicated to exploring the wide reaches of spirituality, without pretending that it all makes sense. Brandon’s mom took him to his very first psychic when he was seven and gave him his first Tarot deck when he was eleven. Since then he has devoted himself to the study of Tarot, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki, Astrology and the myriad ways one can work and heal with the help of the spirits.

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