Tells Undercover Reporter Homosexuality Not A Sin

“Tasty” S&M Priest Suspended For Gay Trolling

Holy sex scandal, Catholic man! The Vatican’s suspended Monsignor Tommaso Stenico after he attempted to pick up a younger man on television.

60-year old Stenico, who heads the Congregation for the Clergy, which polices priestly behavior, appeared he picked up a man on a gay website and invited him back to his office across from the Saint Peter’s Basilica. Stenico told the man that he’s into S&M. When the man worried about having sinful sex, Stenico quelled his worry, “I do not feel it would be sinful.” He went on to say desire’s part of “psychological basis of a personality”. The Monsignor also described himself as “tasty”

Little did Stenico know that the “gay man” actually worked for a local television station and secretly taped the entire encounter. Though shrouded in shadow and had his voice disguised, several high ranking colleagues identified him, anyway. Stenico later admitted to picking up the man, but only to investigate satanic gay recruiters:

I only pretended I was gay to study how priests are seduced. There are people who go after them…I really believe there is a diabolical plan by groups of Satanists.

Considering his taste for sadomasochism, Stenico no doubt prayed his trick would be a Satanic soldier.

The Vatican promised to get to the bottom of the mystery. Stenico, meanwhile, remains in purgatory.