Tatchell: Robinson Should Resign

Gay rabble-rouser Peter Tatchell’s calling for Iris Robinson’s head.

Robinson, a politician from Northern Ireland, gained international notoriety this month when she suggested gay people can be “cured,” called us sinners and then later compared sodomy and child abuse, a charge she denied.

Speaking last night at an Amnesty International event, Tatchell insisted that Robinson must resign – he also pointed out that had she targeted another group, she would be out already:

Tatchell said she would have been forced from office if she made similar comments about other minorities.

“People would have said that such comments are totally unacceptable,” he said. “The fact that many are making excuses for people, saying that her conscience or religion gives her an excuse for making these remarks, I find unconscionable.”

Of course, not everyone’s making excuses for Robinson. Some of her colleagues, in fact, are wondering if she’s gone mental.