Money, Honey

Tax Protests Planned on April 15. Will Melissa Etheridge File?


Wednesday isn’t just the last day to file your taxes. It’s also the day there will be a nationwide showdown between gay men and women demanding equal treatment under the tax code — and the government.

Even though four states have (or are about to have) legal same-sex marriage, the federal government still requires you lie to them and say you’re “single, unmarried.” (Technically, the Defense of Marriage Act makes your lie legal, since the federal government doesn’t recognize same-sex unions.)

The financial repercussions of the current tax code might speak loudest — more than, say, treating every human equally — to those on the fence about granting gays and lesbians equal marriage rights. Tax credits, deductions, and other benefits simply aren’t available to committed gays. Think what you will about anal sex or women going down on each other, but when it comes to dollars and sense, perhaps America can agree that fair is fair.

Organized protests across the country are being planned (find your city here), with the most buzzworthy event taking place in Boston. There, a Tea Party reenactment is scheduled to update the “no taxation without representation” mantra for the queer community.

Your presence is requested:

Join us on April 15th as we throw symbolic federal tax forms into Boston Harbor, in a lively 21st century recreation of a seminal 18th century blow for freedom and equality. History will come alive that Wednesday at 5:30 on Long Wharf, near the Aquarium T-stop. Present-day patriots are encouraged to attend and wear colonial period costume if so inclined to make a statement against antiquated social policy. … Today our federal government plays favorites by denying some families tax and other legal benefits others get in the same situation. The lash of discrimination is felt particularly hard in the land of Paul Revere and John and Sam Adams. Massachusetts has recognized same-sex marriages for five years, yet gay and lesbian taxpayers are hit with a surtax that married straights don’t pay if their employer’s health insurance covers their spouses.

Organizers promise: You’ll have a gay old time.

Our only question: What will Melissa Etheridge — who promised not to pay her California State taxes until gay marriage was recognized — do on April 15?

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