Taylor Kitsch Knew Nothing About “The Whole AIDS Epidemic” Until He Began Filming “The Normal Heart”

Taylor Kitsch 15I mean, look: I was born in ’81. I had no idea about the whole AIDS epidemic. I’m straight, and playing a gay guy who’s leading a double life, who’s still in the closet, who’s losing his lovers, who has AIDS but won’t admit it to himself, who ends up dying … I mean, where do you want to start? Fuck me, dude. It’s insane. The body type, the fact that he works at Citibank, very high up on Wall Street, so learning that part of it and reading an insane amount of books about guys who were leading those kinds of lives, learning about AZT and where it started … I knew probably the surface stuff, but what I learned for this, the education I got, that was another great tool.”


Taylor Kitsch explaining to The Vulture how his role in the upcoming film version of The Normal Heart will stretch him as an actor and person following a string of disappointing action films last year

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  • niles

    Here we go again. Another gay-oriented Hollywood movie made as Oscar bait for straight actors.

  • jimbryant

    I just loathe this association between male homosexuality and AIDS. It’s an extremely homophobic association. It’s an association that was created by a coalition of gays in self-pity mode and conservative Christians. Let me make this clear: AIDS has got nothing to do with male homosexuality.

    Yes, AIDS has got a lot to do with concentrated promiscuity but ANYBODY is capable of that if they make poor choices in life. AIDS is an ANYBODY illness. Don’t let this coalition of gays in self-pity mode and conservative Christians get you to believe that it’s an illness of male homosexuals.

    Let’s also make this clear: the association between AIDS and male homosexuality was created partly by women as a means of demonizing the concept of male homosexuality in men who are also interested sexually in women. This tactic of women is part of their wider gender war against men.

  • Ron Jackson

    Well, I for one refuse to subject myself to any more Aids related “entertainment”. This is another gay themed film I won’t be watching. It’s just depressing.

  • QJ201

    JimBryant… I just loathe self hating homosexuals who help spread HIV with their ignorance.

    I guess you are calling Larry Kramer a woman…since you don’t name any names.


  • jimbryant


    Your guff is not wanted in my sphere.

    Let me just repeat for the hard of hearing: male homosexuality has NOTHING to do with AIDS. By male homosexuality, I mean male homosexual orientation and the male-male anal act.

    The association exists between “concentrated promiscuity with strangers” and AIDS. It cannot be anything else.

    Put simply, AIDS is not a sexuality-specific illness and nor is it a gender-specific illness.

    Therefore, you CANNOT say there is an association between male homosexuality and AIDS.

  • 2eo

    Just because you are not clever enough to understand doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

    Much like religious people and not understanding Evolution does not make it false.

    Ignorance should be loathed, instead people like Jim celebrate their idiocy.

  • jimbryant


    I know exactly what I’m talking about. There is no more an association between male homosexuality and AIDS than there is between male heterosexuality and AIDS or between female homosexuality and AIDS or between female heterosexuality and AIDS.

    Don’t fall for the trap set by the weird coalition of self-pitying gay guys and conservative Christians. Both of them want you to believe that male homosexuality is associated with AIDS, but for different reasons.

  • middleagespread

    @jimbryant: I want to see if I am understanding what you are saying. Being Gay does not automatically cause someone to become hiv positive or have AIDS.
    It is the sex act with someone who has the virus.
    Either gender can acquire the virus.
    Multiple partners, risky behavior, not using condoms can cause the spread of the virus.

    One sex partner, in a long term committed relationship, no other sex partners, both are negative going into the relationship, no one will get the disease.

    Am I understanding?

  • BritAus

    I gonna try and bring the conversation to the point the article is making.
    Kitsch grew up in “Small Town Canada” ok, so maybe, possibly HIV education wasn’t discussed in his school. Maybe there was less and less reports about it in the mainstream media in the ’90’s.
    But the guy moved to New York when he was 19. NEW YORK !!
    He was a model. Wasn’t there benefits and fund raisers and designers doing stuff for World AIDS Day etc ???
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s educated now, at least. But it’s like someone saying “I’ve never heard of Cancer.”
    Boggles the mind.

  • jimbryant


    Yes, you have most of it.

    I would add that having sex with an ANONYMOUS person is a risk factor. Anonymity is a risk factor because you do not know whether that person has a history of STD’s or whatever.

    I would also qualify the multiple partners bit with the adjective “unhealthy”. In theory and practice, you can have sex with as many partners as you wish and you won’t catch anything provided all these multiple partners are healthy.

  • middleagespread

    @jimbryant: how do you know if the other persona is negative? They can lie about their status. I haven’t had sex in years, because I am afraid of not only HIV, but also all the other STI’s out there.

  • middleagespread

    At least Taylor has some awareness now.

  • AuntieChrist

    I love that Taylor’s last name is German for trash.

  • the other Greg

    @middleagespread: Yes, you have hit the nail on the head. You DON’T know if the other person is HIV-negative. “jimbryant” is deliberately trying to confuse the issue, and usual, is lying about his bizarre beliefs.

    He is an HIV denialist who doesn’t even believe HIV is the cause of AIDS.

    He conflates “sex” with unprotected anal sex. There are thousands of other sex acts that (while they might transmit other STI’s) cannot transmit HIV.

    He wants you to believe that a guy whose name you happen to know (unless he’s lying about it), who “looks” “healthy” (but may be HIV+ and lying about it, or may not know his status), can fuck you without a condom.

    Don’t do this. Over the years I’ve met several guys who became HIV+ from their FIRST boyfriend who they let fuck them without a condom. It only takes ONCE, and promiscuity is not a requirement, despite what the self-hating homophobe jim / brian/ jason/ Rick declares.

    But there is a simple way around this problem. Use a condom in anal sex! It ain’t rocket science. OR, just avoid anal sex; there are plenty of other fun sexual things to do. I do not encourage your irrational fear of sex either. Please don’t let nutbags like “jim” deprive you of one of the greatest joys of life!

  • JasonBrownUK

    Urgh … good grief fellas, give it a rest.

  • Cam

    @BritAus: said…

    “He was a model. Wasn’t there benefits and fund raisers and designers doing stuff for World AIDS Day etc ???
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s educated now, at least. But it’s like someone saying “I’ve never heard of Cancer.”


    You are right, and frankly it shows you how worthless things like that HIV Equal campaign are. People have been wearing red ribbons and having benefits for decades and yet nobody seems to have bothered with the simple act of actually just letting people know the history. But I’m sure that posing with your shirt off with an equal sign on you is MUCH better. (Eye Roll).

  • the other Greg

    @Cam: But I have to admit, I never get these young people who are totally ignorant of relatively recent history. It’s not only like someone saying “I’ve never heard of cancer,” it’s like saying they never heard of Watergate or the moon landings. Taylor Kitsch must have been stoned all through 7th to 12th grade. Well maybe that’s not fair because I was stoned all through 7th to 12th grade myself – still I somehow managed to become vaguely aware of polio or whatever.

    @JasonBrownUK: Try clicking on another article.

    @AuntieChrist: Yeah, I love his “kitsch-y” last name too!

  • balehead

    This site used to be interesting…til the trolls took over….

  • the other Greg

    @balehead: Is anybody stopping you from leaving? We’ll be thrilled!

  • DerekR

    @the other Greg: That would be HAWT! No,seriously it would.

  • Stefan

    This is a great demonstration of why the largest demo contracting HIV right now is young men. They just don’t know.

  • Niall

    This reminds me of when that guy from Teen Wolf said he didn’t know what LGBT was or something.

  • crowebobby

    I can’t remember anything before or after the “Fuck me, dude.” Would that I could! Before he gets one day older.

  • Stache1

    “I mean, look: I was born in ’81. I had no idea about the whole AIDS epidemic”

    Apparently, she’s been getting by on her looks alone. Fuck no to another Aids movie played by a straight actor.

  • dougmc92

    they ALWAYS have to start a comment with ‘I’m Straight’

  • AuntieChrist

    I’m gay… Does anyone know where babies come from…? I don’t know anything about women or other stuff…Do babies come out of your butt..???

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Here we go again. Another gay-oriented Hollywood movie made as Oscar bait for straight actors.

    Agreed, Niles.

    So many great gay character roles go to het pretty boys. I’m not an actor, but I imagine a role like this would be something to be proud of. But as a gay man, I would never get a role like this. Directors only want to see straight men “stretch” their acting talents. Gay men can–apparently–fuck off and die.

  • Stache1

    @Mr. E. Jones: Gay men are suppose to play campy non sexual roles so audiences don’t feel too uncomfortable. Straight men take on the serious stuff like gay sex and gay relationships.

  • mwalsh

    I suspect that why directors want pretty straight men playing gay men in films is to take the least chance that the film will fail because of some of the audience will be looking for “gay” behavior. Believe it or not, despite all the efforts gay people make to hide their gayness, they are still gay and are no more liberated in reality for hiding behind “assimilation”. For the part why not have straight guys wondering what it is like being gay and in this situation.
    BTW Would it be improper for gay man to play a straight man-to stretch his talents.
    I appreciate what the actor had to say as far a being compassionate and trying to understand well. He’s as handsome to look at as a gay man- after all how close do we get to screwing him anyway? Does it matter when the only real difference is their sexual preference.


    Even though he was born in 81″ how could he not know about the AIDS epidemic. I was born earlier, but I now about polio, scarlet fever…etc.

    Bad casting. I wonder if he really read the books or if he has some little kid tell him on the set.

    I won’t be going to see this movie. I lived through it.

  • Doughosier

    I forgive him because of his breathtaking beauty.

  • oolparty

    @jimbryant: Jim, I loathe your stupidity. I am gay, but have this to say: Without fags, there would be no AIDS epidemic. The numbers would be minuscule if it were just transmitted amongst needle sharing and hetero sex-having people. Gays have earned the association. Check out the fund-raising at your local GAY bar’s drag show tonight!

  • jimbryant


    If you’re going to spout homophobic nonsense, do it with a bit of grace at least.

    Yes, I agree that gay bars have AIDS fund-raising nights. However, these are scams designed to raise money for the bar and for the drag queens. Scam, scam, scam. Gay bar owners are scamming their patrons.

    Let me just repeat for the wilfully deaf: there is no such thing as a sexuality-specific illness. If you are getting an acquired illness such as AIDS, it’s because of your poor choices in life. It’s got nothing to do with your sexuality.

  • jimbryant

    AIDS was used by women to demonize men who have homosexual attractions but who are still sexually attracted to women. Women feel threatened by such a mix of sexualities in men.

    It’s time that we called a spade and spade and put women in the dock on this. Don’t be PC. Put women in the dock.

  • Stache1

    @jimbryant: Wow. No wonder people make fun of you. Besides saying some really ignorant dumb shit you just can’t make up your mind on what position you want to take. I think you do it to just piss people off though. It’s like “what’s the dumbest most assholish thing I can say today to stir the pot”.

  • jimbryant


    Darling, I’m consistent in my belief. My beliefs are based on fact. Try basing your beliefs on facts for a change. It might improve your lot in life.

  • oolparty

    @jimbryant: As if there is something graceful about colonic blood going into the urethra, or jism getting into the colonic tears. The sex drive is one of the strongest drives that humans have, and you want to deny that SEXuality has nothing to do with what DRIVES people’s poor choices. You’re stupid. You being so ignorant makes my comments inherently full of grace. Yes, blame women for our poor reputation… they love bloody booty pounding when they’re doing their ‘PNP’; we all know that. Check out all the lady bug chasers who are ‘lubed and ready’ on

  • jimbryant


    Jism going into the colonic tears happens all the time in women after they’ve been penetrated anally by their husbands. Why don’t you complain about that? Face it – there is NO DIFFERENCE between the male-male and male-female anal act.

    A lot of you like to claim that anal is somehow “special” to gay men. You completely ignore the fact that this “special” act is performed millions of times every night throughout the world by men on their wives.

    Face it – there is nothing special about what men can to do men penetration-wise. It’s been done before. You’re not special. Not special at all.

    Therefore, you cannot single out gay men as exposing themselves to a special risk by engaging in anal sex.

  • jimbryant

    The first sentence in the third paragraph of my previous post above should read:

    “Face it – there is nothing special about what men can do to men penetration-wise.”

    On that basis, there is no greater risk in two healthy men doing bareback anal than there is in a healthy man doing it to a healthy woman. No difference at all. In both scenarios, you can’t catch anything in terms of an STD.

  • Cam


    The easiest way to spot an anti-gay troll is when they say “I’m gay but…”

    Thanks for making it so easy to spot you.

  • oolparty

    @Cam: @Cam: DUH, I’m on Queerty, clicking links to nude selfies of Dylan Sprouse and enjoying it. I’ve never loved a woman. I’ve been in love with the same man for 8 years (monogamy, no HIV!). You’re gonna be lonely if your gaydar is on par with your trolldar. Pun time, kids: “Bro, you’re hot… wanna cam?”

  • oolparty

    @jimbryant: Men are special. We have prostates. Women don’t often like anal, nor are they a significant HIV demographic in North America. Everything you say is so baseless. You know nothing of science, anatomy, sexuality, culture, drag queen scams, and especially the sexual proclivities of women. Volunteer at an AIDS non-profit. Learn the statistics. Don’t comment on adult topics.

  • NH Mike

    It can’t be “Oscar bait.” It will be on HBO. Emmy bait, maybe.

  • jimbryant


    Prostates?? Lol. You’re getting desperate now.

    Face it – male to male anal is no more special than male to female anal. It destroys your case.

  • Kangol


    The issue is not “promiscuity.” You can seroconvert to HIV+ from just one unprotected sexual act, particularly anal-genital sex, and less likely oral-genital sex if one of the people having sex is HIV+.

    The issue is unsafe sex.

    No sexual act is risk-free. But you can protect yourself with condoms, post-sexual anti-HIV drugs, etc. Thus, it is not about sexual promiscuity, i.e., a moralistic take on sex, but on what kinds of sex you have, and how you have it.

    Protect yourself, be aware of the risks, get tested, take care of your health, and you can have all the sex you want.

  • AuntieChrist

    @Kangol: @jimbryant: I forgot. Was this about sex or just being stupid..? Both..? That’s right. Well I know that JB is an authority on stupid.

  • AuntieChrist

    @mwalsh: Okay. That was fucking brilliant. You are spot on and I just got really proud to hope that you are gay and a part of this crazy community. THANK YOU SO MUCH :-)

  • jimbryant


    You’re wrong, as usual.

    If you can get HIV from a single encounter, why don’t straights have a similar concern with AIDS? Why don’t straight bars run AIDS fund-raisers?

    Here’s the answer: it’s because straights generally don’t indulge in an environment of concentrated promiscuity. Their promiscuity is much more dispersed and it is highly organized through the medically vetted brothel system.

  • jwtraveler

    @QJ201: I recently read somewhere that it’s 63%. True, AIDS is not caused by homosexuality, but it is spread by self-destructive idiots who insist on fetishizing the transmission of a deadly virus in the name of sexual freedom or pleasure or some such nonsense.

  • guest4ever

    In 2012 the CDC reported that 73% of all new cases of AIDS were contracted by homosexuals… AIDS was introduced to America by homosexuals and is responsible for the death of nearly 1 million people in our nation, many of them from receiving tainted blood transfusions.

    In the West AIDS is largely a disease associated with homosexuality and a quick perusal of the Advocate, the world’s largest homosexual periodical, indicates the close association between homosexuality and AIDS… the magazine is full of ads for HIV medications, most of them multi page ads.

    David Goodstein, a former publisher of The Advocate said – “Our lifestyle can become an elaborate suicidal ritual.”

    He was right, you know… dead at age 53 from anal cancer.

    Turn to your Father in Heaven and away from homosexuality… that is the path of wisdom.

  • guest4ever

    @jimbryant: In the West AIDS is largely a disease of homosexuals because of the strain of virus active here.

    In Africa there is a different strain which has more of an effect on heterosexuals.

    Also, anal sex is a nearly perfect vehicle for the transmission of HIV, hence in 2012 the CDC reported that 73% of all new cases of AIDS were contracted by homosexuals via MSM.

    Save your life and your soul… turn to your Father in Heaven and He will heal you and help you escape from this suicidal lifestyle.

  • jimbryant


    Absolute nonsense.

    There is no strain of virus that is sexuality-specific. There is no strain of virus that is specific to male-male anal but not male-female anal, or vice-versa.

  • jimbryant


    The CDC has engaged in homophobic identity politics because it needs to create anxiety within the gay community for the purpose of obtaining more and more funding from the American taxpayer.

    The CDC uses homophobic word games to achieve its aim. I

  • the other Greg

    Why is Queerty ignoring its own written comment policies and refusing to block “jimbryant”? – especially considering they blocked him TWICE in the past under his previous monikers “brian” and “jason”?

    Even in the unlikely event he is actually gay (which I increasingly doubt), his main purpose in posting here is his continual attempt to get gay men to become infected with HIV.

    Of course, he has a secondary purpose in posting rabidly offensive misogynist nonsense.

    Does the current Queerty management find this life-threatening and vicious stuff entertaining, or what?

    As for “guest4ever,” he/she is an even simpler case, since Queerty in the past has ALWAYS been quick to ban self-described straight, homophobic, religious maniacs. So why the inaction now?

  • Cam

    To all of the people coming in here pretending to be gay and claiming that straights aren’t getting AIDS at the same rate and then only men….please remember that the U.S. isn’t the only country in the world.

    In Sub Saharan Africa women make up 58% of AIDS cases.

    Worldwide the AIDS rate is nearly equal between men and women.

    Sorry bigots, didn’t mean to ruin your arguments with facts.

  • Stache1

    @Cam: Facts are inconvenient to people that choose to cherry pick their realities.

  • viveutvivas

    He’s straight so there was no reason for him to know about HIV until now? Straight young people think they are immune? Poor clueless boy, he better go get tested.

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