Taylor Lautner Gives Oprah 3 Reasons for Fans to Think He’s Gay

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Today on Oprah in a pre-taped segment, Twilight‘s brood will explain to the doyenne of spirituality why America’s tweens and moms go ape-shit over a series of terrible movies. But Oprah will also try to get personal. And for those looking for reasons to think Taylor Lautner is a homogay, he delivers.

Oprah asks Taylor what he looks for in a woman. He responds: “Specifically — I have to choose a lady right now?” The gay in you wants to say, “What, he doesn’t want to choose a lady?”

He says an ideal lady would have “loyalty.” The gay in you wants to say, “Yeah, loyalty to keep his gay secret!”

And then Robert Pattinson jumps in and offers, “Must like beef patties.” And the gay in you wants to SCREAM: “Because he likes the meat!”

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