Taylor Lautner Shows Off Bangin’ Beach Bod, Tank Top Tan Lines In Ocean Frolic

Beautiful Twilight babe Taylor Lautner brought the gun show to Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon, where he rocked his bangin’ beach bod in a pair of above-the-knee floral swim trunks.

The 22-year-old actor was wading in the ocean and doing some cartwheels along the beach while filming scenes for his new movie Run the Tide. He doesn’t seem to be as jacked as he was a couple years ago, but his body is still absolutely flawless and anyone that claims otherwise¬†is a liar.

According to IMDB, the film is about some pretty heavy family issues: “When their drug abusing mother is released from prison determined to rebuild their family, Rey kidnaps his younger brother Oliver and escapes their desert home for the California coast.”

Glad to see it may have a happy ending!

Check out all 36 pics over at Just Jared.

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  • redcarpet

    Thats a perfect body to me, anything more is unnecessary. I don’t know why people think giant biceps are so desirable.

  • hotshot70

    he still looks good. At least he doesn’t have that werewolf hair clogging the shower now!

  • Cam

    Well lets be honest, he needed to buff up to play the part in Twilight, so they did what Hollywood always does, they dosed him up on Steroids for a year to get the size for the movie. Looks like he was smart and got off them after the movie. He looks fine here, too jacked up isn’t as attractive in my opinion.

  • tardis

    His body looks normal.

  • michael mellor

    Why is he wearing these big ugly shorts? Shorts are for the street, not the beach. He should be wearing Speedos

  • robirob

    The problem is so far he’s been known for mainly one thing: His stunning abs on full display in the Twilight franchise (and the occasional brooding look). Unfortuantely he is not much of an actor and apparently neither him nor his management feel the need to invest in some acting classes and instead aim for ‘just stand there and look pretty’ type of roles and as we’ve seen with his former colleague Kellan Lutz and his Hercules flop that no longer does the trick anymore and his Twilight fame is fading fast. Plus his own action movie feature (The Abduction) was a big flop as well, but yet he and his management still hope that keeping up the hetero image (and showing off all that body and facial hair) a lucrative action movie career will fall into place.

  • litper

    Closeted homos like him are repulsive no matter how good they look!

  • Desert Boy

    Young and hot.

  • froufrou

    His body looks healthy. Not too much, but noticable muscle definition. I’d rather prefer this than the pumped up body builder style bodies.

  • David6

    @litper: that’s an awful thing to say about anyone. You don’t know that he’s a closeted gay, you only assume and to call him repulsive is not acceptable in my opinion.

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