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Taylor Lautner + Taylor Swift’s Amazing Fauxmance Rebounds

Remember when Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift were supposedly an item, but all those gay rumors kept dogging the male Taylor? Well now female Taylor has moved on to relationship with another suspected ‘mosexual, Jake Gyllenhaal, with the regularly appearing “citizen paparazzi” photos of coffee dates and casual strolls to prove they’re an item! But what about male Taylor? Oh, don’t worry, he’s found another actress to play his beard girlfriend: Lily Collins (daughter of Phil), who just happens to be Lautner’s Abduction co-star. Watch this one last all the way until Sept. 24, the day after their film’s release date.

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  • Tallskin

    This is all so very sad that young gay hollywood stars are bullied into pretending to be straight.

    It seems like nothing changes.

    I guess what has to change is the mindset of the evil sky pixie worshippers who refuse to go to see films starring openly gay actors.

    F*ckers, and f*cking hyprocites.

  • MM

    Can’t decide which Jake Gyllenhaal’s beard is worse: Reese Witherspoon or Taylor Swift?

  • Kamikapse

    Why is literally every young male in hollywood a “suspected ‘mosexual”?

  • Mike in Asheville

    Wow, talk about bullying, Queerty and Nos. 1 & 2, bullying guys to be your version of what you think they are and should be. With gays like you, who needs homophobes and bigots.

    Taylor Lautner is a kid discovering his world his way. Lay off assholes. Maybe he’s gay, straight, bi — IT’S HIS BUSINESS.

    Jake Gyllenhaal PLAYED (acted) gay in a movie — doesn’t mean he is gay. Whether gay or straight, he’s an actor. Just because he’s hot and sexy and many of us gay boys fantasize having a little this-and-that with him STILL DOES NOT MAKE HIM GAY. Just as girls fantasizing about him in their beds DOES NOT MAKE HIM STRAIGHT.


    As a community we scream and yell about homophobic bigoted bullies. Are you any different to other on-line ranters bullying others about who they are being themselves?


    How about profiling gays and lesbians who are out and proud and making (or at least trying to make) a difference. Last week Queerty posted a video of a teen taking on the A-List bullies who bully everyone who is not as vapid as they are. That kid has posted another video taking on Wendy Williams for giving the A-List even more time to be hypocrites about bullying. Where is that video here? Where is a profile on that kid?

    Oh wait, with that out kid who has no Hollywood connections, I guess its not as fun as drumming up idiotic mudslinging aimed at those, ironically Lautner and Gyllenhaal, who are friends of the LGBT community.

  • gregger

    @Kamikapse: you mean like Rock Hudson, Tab Hunter, Rupert Everett, John Barrowman, Neil Patrick Harris, Tom Hulce, Kevin Spirtas, David Hyde Pierce, Roger Rees, Sal Mineo, and lest we forget Ricky Martin. All of them were part of the young suspected ‘mosexuals who eventually came out. Either you get it or you don’t but it’s called GAYDAR.

  • justiceontherocks

    This is amazing. The kid is 18 years old and grown-ups are spending time worrying about his sexual orientation. Laughable.

  • Charlie Jackpot

    Dear 99% of gay population, Taylor Lautner and Jake Gyllenhaal are never going to sleep with you

    Charlie Jackpot

  • gregger

    @Charlie Jackpot: Thanks for affirming that for me. The prospect of either was turning my stomach.

  • Marcus

    @Mike in Asheville:

    Oh please. Let’s not go there. Queerty, countless other blogs and even some of Taylor’s fans aren’t buying these fauxmances. And since they’re unwilling to believe a lie, and a obvious, desperate one at that, it’s bullying?

    I don’t think so.

    The more these celebs carry on these types of relationships to get publicity or to cover up their homosexuality, the more blogs like Queerty and my blog are going to call it out.

    Taylor, Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper, Kate Walsh or anyone else is free to do whatever they wish, but don’t expect me or others to believe something that isn’t true to sell a movie ticket.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    @Marcus. “An obvious and desperate lie”? On what do you base that wacked out conclusion? Concerning an 18 year old kid about whom you know nothing?


  • Marcus

    This is hardly some “wacked out conclusion”, Justice.

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but I’ve worked in the film and television industry for 10 years and I’m still here. We here know all we need to know about Taylor Lautner and his ridiculously transparent relationships, thank you.

    I just don’t pull this shit out of thin air. You hang with me and my associates, friends and colleagues and you’ll learn about him and countless others very quickly.

    As I said before, he’s welcome to do as he pleases, he doesn’t owe anything to me, but he’s a fool if he or his handlers think for one second that EVERYBODY is going to believe the shit he’s putting out.

    He’s supposed to be making movies! He’s an actor, right? He should focus on that and not these PR relationships, if he hasn’t noticed, all it will bring is trouble.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Marcus, as someone who works within the industry, could you discuss how much of this are the actors, and how much is the actor’s handlers? Are queer actors closeted because they want to be, or because they are pressured to be closeted?

    I knew a Canadian actor who worked mostly in theater, and some Canadian TV. He got a big break on Broadway, and a bit of TV work. He used to be very out, and now he is very closeted. One of the last conversations we had before he stopped hanging out with me, or even talking with me, was that his agent threatened to drop him as a client if he “continued to flaunt”, (his agent’s words, not his) his sexuality. He didn’t flaunt his sexuality, he was just out.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    @Marcus. Right. A bartender at the Abbey told you.

    You “know” as much about this as Tony Perkins “knows” about mental illness. Zero. I’ve never understood why people need to be starfuckers. You’d be better served spending all that energy on dating that matters to you. Your own.

  • Marcus


    OMG. You don’t believe me? I’m shocked.

    Now on to Enemabag, here.

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    I’ve found it’s a mixture of a few things:

    Some actors want to be publicly closeted and privately out—then when their career is over and they come out publicly for a boost, they can then say they were never in the closet in the first place, which is a complete lie and might get them into some hot water.

    Some actors actually want to be in the closet completely—and there are a variety of reasons why. Mainly said actor just cares too much what straight people think. Straight folks hardly care, anyway, at least when it comes to their television/film entertainment, but you can’t convince some of these actors and their reps of that fact. What’s even more disturbing is that they think no one in the industry will find out—we know all here. The people these actors are fucking are the people I’m fucking and my friends are fucking. My friends are executives, casting assistants, production coordinators and grips. Word travels fast here. This information is not hard to come by and I don’t know why people here in town or people on the outside have a hard time with understanding that (ahem ahem).

    Others are really under a lot of pressure to stay in. The pressure the gay community puts on these actors to be out is nowhere near the pressure these actors are under to stay in. I know of at least a dozen stars who within the last 5-10 years who really did intend to come out. Publicist, Agent, etc found out and pressured them to stay in or in some cases threatened them, just like your Canadian friend. And you wonder why some of these celebs are on drugs, alcohol or hope that Perez does it. It also doesn’t help the fact that the pressure to stay in is largely coming from gay executives, producers, agents and managers, who, at the very least have some serious issues with their own sexuality to sort out and when a Neil Patrick Harris comes out, they get a bit resentful and as “punishment” they don’t cast you, they won’t represent you, etc. They feel you “broke the rules,” or “exposed a big Hollywood flaw.”

    People here still use the belief that being out will ruin your career. That’s not completely true, especially since a lot of these actors hardly have what I would call a career. The public just doesn’t care. That’s why NPH is still doing movies and television. That’s why Ellen is on the air, that’s why Glee can do well. That’s why Matt Bomer still has his job. That’s why Zachary Quinto can get hired by Paramount for Star Trek with little opposition.

    If people don’t remember, when the time did exist when being out would ruin you—guess what, the rumor would ruin you as well. I don’t know many straight women who don’t drool over Hugh Jackman, and those same women don’t believe he’s straight for one second, but he still makes money at the Box Office.

    Overall, we’re moving in the right direction, but things would move faster if these actors and their reps would get some balls.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    Thanks for your input, Marcus. I found this partof your post disturbing:

    It also doesn’t help the fact that the pressure to stay in is largely coming from gay executives, producers, agents and managers, who, at the very least have some serious issues with their own sexuality to sort out and when a Neil Patrick Harris comes out, they get a bit resentful and as “punishment” they don’t cast you, they won’t represent you, etc. They feel you “broke the rules,” or “exposed a big Hollywood flaw.”

    I’ve read stories about situations like this. One out actor talked about being told by a really queeny casting agent, that the actor was too femme!

    Also, I read another story, (still trying to find the link to post here) where an anonymous closeted actor talked about how he was hit on by a producer who made it clear he’d get the part in exchange for sex. What bothered the closeted actor was that the producer is married to a woman, and has kids–including a son who was the actors age. And here’s this middle aged closet case, threatening this young actor with ruining his career if he comes out, after taking sexual advantage of him.

    So it seems sexual blackmail is another reason to keep actors closeted.

    I understand you work in the industry, Marcus, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but nothing has yet happened to quell my belief that Hollywood is sleazy, run by sleazy people.

    When you read that the head of Sony pictures donated $100,000 to Meg Whitman, you have to winder how liberal Hollywood really is, and you can see way so many people allow Hollywood’s homophobia to continue–the people in charge are anti-gay.

  • Marcus

    @Mr. Enemabag Jones:

    Yeah, it’s fucked up.

    I remember John Barrowman saying an American TV network sent a gay producer to his house to convince him to stay in the closet.

    Hollywood was started by sleazy people, sir and in 100 years, nothing has changed. There are so great people here, though. But some people will have you questioning the reason for humanity. It’s unbelievable.

    Sony didn’t put in $100,000 for Whitman because they are anti-gay, they did it because Whitman would probably put in place initiatives to keep Sony’s business interests in good standing. These people are business people, and in entertainment, nothing frightens them more than Middle America…

    But, for every Bradley Cooper, there’s a Ellen, Rosie, Wanda or Neil Patrick who is out or about to come out–and that’s what matters. They don’t even have to be activists for the community, all they have to do is live openly and everybody wins.

  • McMike

    At last year’s People’s Choice Awards, both Taylor Lautner and Hugh Jackman had their boyfriends by their sides as their dates. It was beyond obvious it was their boyfriends. As for Taylor Swift, I noticed the other week all her boyfriends were Hollywood Closet Cases…

  • scott ny'er

    thanks to Marcus for the insider scoop.

    I’m not certain I necessarily agree with him about gay peeps keeping their careers after coming out but I will say the tide does seem to be turning somewhat and it doesn’t seem as important as before. It would be interesting to see what would happen if say Jim Carrey or Will Smith came out, theorotically. Top A-listers. If there career plummets or not, we would know how Middle America truly feels and reacts. I’ll say this, Tom Cruise acted like a loon maybe 2-3 times and he has not been forgiven. So Middle America can be a fickle lot. I’m not saying Middle America thinks being gay is the same as being a loon but I think it used to be.

    As to the notion another poster said that it’s bullying. I don’t know. I guess it is but somehow I feel it’s different from when I was in JHS or HS and a crowd would gather around and call me fag and queer. I can’t pinpoint the difference but I feel there is one.

  • afrolito


    Because white gays are obsessed with the idea that every Hollywood actor they think is hot, obviously has to be gay. Nevermind the complete lack of proof outside of their feverish fantasies. To these people Taylor will always be hiding in a closet, having secret gay orgies and boyfriends, regardless of the true facts.

    Jake Gyllenhaal did one overrated tragic gay romance film, and is now officially a closeted gay. It’s all really laughable in a pathetic way.

  • fangirls are pathetic

    @afrolito: Go back to your tabloids, your ignorance is embarrassing.

  • scott ny'er

    @Bobert: wow. there were a lot what some would call gay mannerisms in that short interview.

  • tjr101

    Where are the pictures, videos? Otherwise layoff the kid. Ugh, the desperation of some people in the gay community to claim any cute star as their own.

  • Cam

    @Mike in Asheville:

    So I’m just curious, how interesting that you are gay and yet you think it is bullying or an attack or an insult to ask if a celeb is gay.

    Was it an attack or insult to ask if Angelina Jolie was pregnant? Was it an attack or insult to ask if Drew Barrymore was dating Justin Long?

    Was it an attack to ask if Jessica Simpson got engaged because her ex did?

    Sorry, but the fact that every single publicist in Hollywood sends out phony press releases claiming that their male clients are “Dating” somebody is what brings these questions on.

    The saddest example (Other than Ricki Martin’s suddenly appearing Ex girlfriend a few years ago) was the guy from Glee, first the rumor dropped that he was dating Lea Michelle, until of course she mentions her actual boyfriend in an interview…then he is supposedly “Rumored” to be dating Cameron Diaz, but the only shot anybody can find of them is him in the front seat of a car while she and some friends are in the back seat….well I guess thats enough to make everybody forget all the shirtless pics of him out there in gay bars huh?

  • Cam

    @afrolito: said..

    “Because white gays are obsessed with the idea that every Hollywood actor they think is hot, obviously has to be gay.”

    Oh please, like the African American blogs aren’t discussing Tyler Perry, Oprah and Queen Latifa.

    Oh, and just a question…..were the blogs like Queerty wrong about Clay Aiken, Ricky Martin, Neil Partric Harris, Lance Bass, etc…? Because the exact same comments and denials from posters were on the gay blogs before they were out.

  • Marcus

    @scott ny’er: “I’m not certain I necessarily agree with him about gay peeps keeping their careers after coming out but I will say the tide does seem to be turning somewhat and it doesn’t seem as important as before.”

    Well Scott, think about it: who has come out recently that has had their career compromised or ruined? Nobody.

    NPH came out, CBS backed him, his career took off and it seems everything he touches turns to gold.

    Wanda Sykes got a late-night talk show…ill-fated, but she made it on the air, regardless. I’m still trying to figure out why they thought Saturday night at 11 again SNL was a good idea, but never mind that.

    Ellen Degeneres is making over $50,000,000 a year.

    The only people who had their careers ruined because of their private indiscretions is Tiger Woods and John Edwards–and allegedly, they’re straight.

  • Mike in Asheville


    I think it is bullying to spew rumors about a teenager’s sexuality irrespective if the claim is they are gay, too gay, not enough gay, straight, too straight, not straight enough, bi, too bi, not bi enough. Taylor Lautner is a kid; kids date other kids and explore life. At least that ought to be the fun of being a kid.

    What fucking business is it of yours or anyone else whether Lautner likes boys or girls or both? Demanding that he take a side, or refusing to accept the side he takes, is bullying.

    As for whether Jolie is pregnant, who Drew Barrymore dates, is Justin Long the “Apple” dude?, what is a Jessica Simpson, and why would you care why (did she, I certainly don’t know) she is? engaged? … NO INTEREST TO ME IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. But yes, it is an attack to ask any intended — gay, straight, man, woman — the sincerity of their decision to marry the person of their choice.

    So Cam, get your own life, love and care for someone that means something special to you, and let others enjoy the same.

  • caffesilvia

    I don’t know about Gyllenhaal. He’s never set off any alarms for me, so I’ve got no inclination there.

    But c’mon, Lautner is so flamboyantly gay that it’s just perplexing anyone would consider otherwise.

    Little story. I’m pretty out-of-touch about what’s going on in popular culture. I started seeing posters for this vampire movie, book covers, T-shirts, etc. “Twilight?” I asked myself. I figured it was just some campy B-movie that had caught an Internet following or something, like Mystery Science Theater.

    Anyway, it’s safe to say that I didn’t know anything about the series or the (to me) no-name actors in it. But I did see a couple of cute guys on the poster, one of whom was sporting a glossed-up fauxhawk and a ton of makeup. And I said, “Huh! A horror flick with a gay hero. That’s cool.”

  • meego

    @Mike in Asheville: Whoa there, buddy, relax! Just because it doesn’t interest you does not for one moment mean that it won’t interest anyone else. Just because you don’t like it does not for one moment mean that no one else can like it. I guessed I missed the memo that said you were the newly crowned thought/interest/opinion police! Who the hell are you to tell people what they can and cannot like? You should seriously ask yourself why you get so upset at this and why you spend so much of your time bitching about other people’s interests that don’t match your own. Think about it.

  • Mike in Asheville


    Wow, you sure read a lot into silly blog posts. My response was to a challenge about bullying; and I don’t really care or am interested in celebrity gossip. I didn’t say you, with your EgoEgoism (curious, but with a double dose of ego there, why you would be interested in gossip about people not you) can’t waste your time laboring over the latest issue of the National Enquirer. If it gets your rocks off reading up about unconfirmed social life of people you don’t know, so be it. I much prefer getting my rocks off watching a good porn video.

    Nonetheless, it is and remains bullying when strangers belabor into others’ personal life — even if the gossip is true!

    And it is terribly hypocritical for LGBTs to complain about being bullied by homophobes and yet go around and bully teenagers about who and what they are. LGBTs just want to left alone by bullies to live our lives our way. Shouldn’t Lautner have the same right?

    And should you disagree, fine, Bravo is casting for A-List LA and Dallas, I’m sure you’d fit right in with those bullies.

  • Marcus_78

    It’s kind of funny that gay people hate being stereotyped but have these sterotyped images of who is straight or gay based on how they look or talk. I know a lot of openly gay men and none of them act like the stupid movie stereotypes of gays. There is no proof that any of these people are gay. Taylor Lautner has been dating girls since age 12, and he is only 18. The kid is followed by the photo nazis 24/7, still lives at home with his parents and doesn’t sleep with everything that moves. Jake Gyllenhaal also has dated women his entire life. He was in one movie playing a gay guy so now he is gay. Why stop there, why not just say that every single actor in Hollywood is gay until proven straight. LOL.

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