issue resolved

Taylor Lautner Won’t Prove His Upper Body Strength In RV Spat

There will be no push-up contest to settle the matter, but it is settled: Taylor Lautner’s whining over a $300,000 custom RV that wasn’t delivered in time to his movie set (hey, I’d be pissed too) resulted in a $40,000 donation to the children’s charity Lollipop Theater Network.

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  • Jack

    So thrilled to learn of the outcome at last, I’ve been waiting here on the edge of my seat…

  • Bobert

    Bryan Singer and Taylor Lautner? What?

  • Bobert


    So what is this about Bryan S and Taylor?

  • Soupy

    Bryan Singer is famous for breaking in the new boys. His first one was Brad Renfro in “Apt Pupil”. All the publicists warn the boys about him.

  • Joe

    Bryan Singer so f— up Superman Returns. Let’s hope someone can restart the franchise like Nolan did with Batman

  • thelonious

    le sigh, queerty, just admit it, you have a crush on taylor lautner. I hate to admit this, but he doesn’t set off my gaydar at all. If I was wrong and he came out, I’d support him all the way, but I just don’t think he is -_-;.


    @thelonious: I agree, if you see him in a movie, he really don’t gets the ‘dar pinging. I guess that means he is actually a good actor. Plus with his extensive martial arts training he is a fairly masculine physical presence on the screen. But if you see him being interviewed as Taylor the ‘dar goes into overdrive………….

    I saw him on Letterman and he was tossing a football to an NFL player and I definatley saw a Gay teen attempting to toss a football and look straight whilst doing it :p…………

  • thelonious

    @Plays Well With Others

    Just watch some of the interviews you were talking about… Yeahhh, definitely was like “Ping.” nvmnd.

  • pete

    Puh-lease! Hellen Keller would be able to tell he’s gay, gay, gay! He’s adorable though.

  • Gill

    His publicist has him so scripted now that he is terrified and his interviews are almost painful to watch.

  • j

    @Gill: He’s gay, you only need to watch the oprah interview, and I feel kinda sorry that his publicist feels the need to cause him emotional distress and anxiety just so they can hold up a phaqade that is never gonna hold up anyways. I seriously doubt taylor lautner coming out would hurt the franchise.

  • Chad

    Taylor’s Boyfriend Sean Fox zastoupil MADE him donate the money to a charity. Sean is really big into charity work!

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