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Taylor Swift meme backfires — big time

Taylor Swift is a lot of things.

She’s a shockingly wealthy 27-year-old singer.

She’s a generous supporter of some worthy causes like children’s hospitals.

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She’s the unofficial global ambassador of horse girls.

And according to one fan on Twitter, she’s a top-of-her-class bad bitch, rivaled by no other. (For context here, ‘bad bitch’ is high praise.)

“Name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift,” wrote Nutella, blissfully unaware of the firestorm about to break out when the Tweet went viral.

Suffice it to say, the Twitterverse had some strong opinions on the matter.

Here’s just some of the response the prompt received:

Case closed.

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  • SeijnSei

    Uhm there’s this chick from Houston. Her name is Beyoncé I think. Her little sister is also a badder bitch then TayTay. #daFUQ?


    Sweezus is the enemy these SJWs deserve

    • Luc

      Is that Swift + Jesus = Sweezus? Asking for a friend.

  • vince_louis

    If theres one thing you can count on in the social age thats the internet will completely crucify you for liking anything. They will also definitely point out in detail why you’re wrong and stupid. I’m glad you love Taylor Nutella. Don’t let them get to you.

    • mujerado

      The internet doesn’t care if you “like” someone or something. It cares if you say stupid things about what you like. “Name a badder bitch” was a challenge screaming for answers, and it got them.

  • SiamSam

    Grown-ass men following pop stars like 13 year-old girls. Sad.

    • Luc

      Turn that frown upside down! (-:

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