fashion emergency

Taz Arnold Almost Lost These $1245 Christian Louboutin Shoes to Terrorists

Take a look at these loafers. They are the Christian Louboutin Rollerboy Spike shoes. They cost one thousand two hundred forty-five dollars. And Transportation Security Administration officials considered them weapons. Which meant Taz Arnold, owner of the above footwear, was forced to make the same decision you must when you walk through security with a half-full bottle of Diet Coke: Throw it away, or miss your flight.

Or, he almost had to. After some negotiating en route to his flight on Jan. 2, Arnold — aka ti$a, who has his own fashion line — convinced TSA officials to let him proceed with his couture kicks, despite their metal-studded exteriorts. But they issued him a warning that next time, the shoes would be confiscated.

What lesson does this tell us? If you’re going to smuggle a weapon aboard a plane, make sure it looks fabulous.