Bad apples

Teacher accuses student of being gay and having fake girlfriend in front of entire classroom

gay student, San Antonio

A father in the town of Nixon, Texas (about one hour southeast of San Antonio) claims a teacher at Nixon-Smiley High School told an entire classroom full of students that his son is gay and only dating his girlfriend “as a cover.”

The father, who hasn’t been named by local news, says that the teacher admitted saying it and assumed his son was gay because of “the way he looks.” Her comment resulted in his son becoming a target for bullies, the father says.

The dad has reportedly filed a complaint with the district and is looking into legal options. He has met with the school principal and the accused teacher and will soon meet with the district superintendent. The district says they’ve launched an investigation. And though the teacher has apologized, the father wants her fired.

He claims his son isn’t gay, but adds, “Gay or straight is not the problem here. The problem is the teacher making a comment causing bullying in a school.”

He shared his story with the local NBC News affiliate so that it wouldn’t get “swept under the rug,” adding that he distrusts the district to take appropriate action because of the area’s “small town politics.” The town of Nixon only has about 2,500 residents.

Anti-gay bullying remains a problem in U.S. schools, though we often don’t think of it coming from teachers.

According to an HRC survey of over 10,000 LGBT people ages 13 to 17 across America, 92% say they hear negative messages about being LGBT, mostly from school, the internet and peers. The same survey revealed that LGBT students were twice as likely to physically assaulted at school than their straight peers.

On the bright side though, about 90% of LGBT youth say they’re out to their close friends and 64% are out to their classmates with 75% reporting that most of their peers don’t have any problem with their sexuality.

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