Teacher Reads Gay Fairy Tale To Class, Parents Sue School

king200.jpegParents in Lexington, Massachusetts have filed suit against their local school board, after a teacher read the children’s book King & King to the class without parental consent. Alert the authorities! Gays are recruiting children in the schools!

The issue was discussed on The View, for background info. And we use the term “discussed” loosely, since Elizabeth Hasselbeck was part of the “discussion” and there’s only so much you can expect from her.

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King & King tells the story of a king who can’t find a woman to marry, and chooses to live happily ever after with another king instead. Parents are upset because they feel it glorifies gay life in a positive light; and, well, they’re right, it totally does. The parents feel that violates their civil rights to freedom of religion, etc etc blah blah blah. The school board, however, basically told the parents that times change, this is a fact of life, gay people are here to stay so it’s best to educate the kids lest they become confused later in life. And then they told the parents to shove it.

The school district has it right: gay marriage is legal in the state, so it’s beneficial to educate students on what’s going on in the world around them. That’s the point of public school. If the parents think a certain public policy goes against their “morals,” then they should enroll their kids in private school, where they can teach them to be as racist as they wanna be. Perhaps they can’t afford it, you wonder? Obviously they can, if they can afford a lawyer for a frivolous lawsuit.

Y’know, go ahead and be racist, it’s your right. Be anti-semitic. Hate gay people. This is America, and your right to be a bigot is protected by the Constitution. But you can’t make everyone go against a certain law just because it violates your morals and religious beliefs. Those beliefs are yours and yours alone. Too bad for you if you don’t like it, go someplace not funded by public dollars–because in Massachusetts, that book is fair game.

Yes, there is a law in Massachusetts that says parents must be notified before “sex education” is discussed in class. But this isn’t an issue of sex education. It’s not like the teacher read The Joy Of Gay Sex and held up pictures of the Kings teabagging each other. There is no sex in King & King whatsoever. And those kids probably never equated the story with any socio-political meaning at all. Most of them probably thought it was weird and went on with the day. Except the sensitive, persnickety boy who always sits by himself. He thought the story was fabulous.

But we bet the courts rule in favor of the parents, saying the school did violate the sex education law. Just to balance out their “activist courts” image. Just wait.

Parents sue school over gay fairy tale [Reuters]

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