Teacher Suspended For Playing Gay Marriage Anthem “Same Love” Video In Class

img-macklemore_172021107855Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s “Same Love” may be burning up the charts but it landed on teacher in some hot water.

“At West Alexander Middle School, there was an inappropriate video shown in class, outside the bounds of the curriculum that called for disciplinary action last week,” Associate Superintendent Dr. Jeff Peal said in a statement to the Taylorsville Times.  Peal did not name the teacher but said that the rap lover will be back in school “this week.”

“Same Love” was inspired by Macklemore’s uncle, who is gay, and has been taken up as a sort of unofficial anthem for the marriage equality movement. The video recently won an MTV VMA for “Best Video with a Social Message.”

Meanwhile, this isn’t the first time a teacher’s love of “Same Love” led to disciplinary action. Back in November, middle school teacher Susan Johnson from Detroit was suspended for showing the video in her class after a student complained about it.

Apparently, fairness and equality are not part of some curriculums.

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  • Cam

    The bigots do not want children who are gay to even know that there are others out there like them.

    They much prefer that they kill themselves or marry some poor unsuspecting spouse and ruin their lives.

  • Dakotahgeo

    These two incidents are perfect reasons for all local school boards and Administrators to lose their administrative rights and hand them over to the Federal government completely!

  • balehead

    Not everything is about “the gay”…What ever happened to permission slips?…The teacher showed “arrogant judgement” that would have been offensive just on the principles of how classroom dynamics work…straight sexuality issues needs a permission slip too by the way…

  • Lawerence

    @balehead: you always come across as one of the least intelligent posters I’ve ever come across! Are you trying to say this video is sexual? What these children were shown is what is actually out the front of any door anywhere! You sound like a log head Rethuglican!

  • Really_000

    @balehead: I am glad you said this balehead. The song is silly and does not reflect reality. People change sexual orientation all the time-the song says “I cant change what I am” etc.. This is non-sense and not what a younger questioning population needs to hear-since most of them will go through various changes in sexual identity development. What I have noticed about liberals and especially glbt people (ESPECIALLY on here) is that they are as nasty and controlling as the dangerous conservatives they hate so much. The people on here will respond with name calling and calling those that oppose their views oppressive-when they are the EXACT same thing!

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Really_000 supports “reorientation” camps and praying away the gay.

  • Really_000

    @Mr. E. Jones: you militant gays really need to come up with new material. People change their orientation all the time. Ever heard of prison? Even heard of Down Low? You militant gays always come up with this same crap about “praying away the gay” etc as being an excuse. when the reality is that sexuality is quite fluid and diverse. Your fear is so overwhelming and is clear by how vengeful you are on these posts-with all the name calling and constant flagging-desperately trying to get someone kicked off of here because someone has a different perspective that might challenge yours. The fear is just putrid :-(

  • Polaro

    @Really_000: “People change sexual orientation all the time”. Evidence is required to make such a statement. Sexual orientation is not a decision based on all current science on the subject. People may elect to claim a different label, but their sexuality does not change with the wind. We are not being nasty or controlling…we are calling you out for being wrong. Big difference. So if you have some other argument than the lyric “I can’t change what I am”, bring it and I will apologize.

    A permission slip to watch a PG video that espouses a valid point of view for discussion in a school setting is essentially homophobic at best. That can be the only reason for censoring the song. It is otherwise inoffensive in all other ways.

  • Really_000

    @Polaro: A teacher has no right to push a gay or inter-racial agenda in the classroom-especially when the kids are young-college is different because the student can choose the class. If there is a conversation that may arise so be it-but younger children should not have to be coerced into being exposed to a belief system that may not be one they are being raised with. The parents have every right to challenge this video being shown in the classroom. If you are raising a child that does not reinforce homosexual relationships or inter-racial dating you have every right to challenge a teacher.

  • murphy0071

    @Really_000: As an international expert on sexual orientation, persons do not change their sexual orientation. While many are pseudo-heterosexual there are a few pseudo-heterosexuals, the only change after birth is due to head injuries, tumors, surgeries of the ventral medial hypothalamus, etc. which are all biological. Being XY, XX, or assigned a specific gender at birth does not determine sexual orientation.

    Based on an extensive review of the literature on the etiology of homosexuality, biological events predominantly explain the origins of sexual orientation. While some question the ethics of studying genetic issues related to homosexuality, in-utero genetic or neuroendocrinological events play a critical role in cross-gendering. Genetic and in-utero chemically induced sex-altered groups illustrate the paradigm: Turner’s Syndrome, Androgen Insensitives, Testicular Feminizing Syndrome, Klinefelter’s Syndrome (XnY), progestin-administered females, Adrenogenital Syndrome, “super-males” (XYn), etc. At least 450 Species other than humans, in the wild and captivity, exhibit “homosexual” behavior—some with life bonding. Particularly primates appear to have differing degrees of “homosexual” behavior. The first evidence of the sex-behavior center came from research on mammals. Most research involved surgical interventions and the administration or denial of sex hormones during critical brain differentiation periods. In human female fetuses at risk for masculinizing effects from male hormones, German physicians, using in-utero anti-androgens, have forced female genitalia and brain-gender/sex. Although discussed by Dorner, the use of androgens to force male brain-gender is complex and can potentially result in brain damage, attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, hyper-activity, and hyper-aggression.
    Physiology, anatomy, and psychophysiology.

    Numerous studies show male homosexuals in many ways approximate females and significantly differ from male heterosexuals. Comparing male homosexuals to female heterosexuals, similarities include muscle structure, sleep patterns, pelvic openings, carry angle of arm, perception, finger dexterity, noticeable acoustic style, visuo-spatial ability, verbal performance, language lateralization, eating disorders, throw-to-target ability, mental rotation task, E.E.G. readings, response to male pheromones, etc. Compared to heterosexual males, some studies suggest homosexual males appear more prone to left-handedness, stuttering, and reading difficulties, differing brain anatomy related to auditory input, atypical gender and sex behavior, differing lipid levels, more empathy and altruism, larger penile dimension, etc. Among other research showing brain differences between homosexual and heterosexual males, anatomical research at Salk Institute comparing male heterosexual and homosexual brains suggests a differing development of the sex-behavior center in male homosexuals. A more recent UCLA study of the male homosexual brain shows broader differences discriminating male homosexuals from both male and female heterosexuals. Research on transsexuals has also revealed significant differences in brain anatomy and gonadotropin secretions.
    Hormonal anomalies.

    Direct hormonal evidence shows that male homosexuals and heterosexuals significantly differ from one another. In blind analysis, Margolese and Janiger accurately predicted sexual orientation. Some depressives, unknown to be homosexual, may have a similar difference in sex hormone ratio. Dorner and Gooren injected estrogen into male homosexuals, male heterosexuals, and female heterosexuals with removed ovaries. They found the luteinizing hormone response of male homosexuals almost identical with these females and significantly different from male heterosexuals. Similar results are found in male-to-female transsexuals. Studies, using stringent classification of research subjects, show adult male heterosexuals have significantly higher levels of male hormones than do male homosexuals. In animals with litters along a placental line, female mammals between male mammals cause post-natal sex-stereotypic male behaviors (e.g., sexual mounting and aggression) in these females. Dorner hypothesizes that various in humans prenatal and postnatal hormonal administrations may be used to establish specific brain sex/gender outcomes.

    Upsetting a female mammal during gestation can produce cross-gendered offspring. Stress apparently lowers androgens in humans and crowding causes stress resulting in anomalous social behavior and cross-gendered behavior in mammals. A similar phenomenon occurs in post hoc research on some homosexual research subjects. Twice the numbers of male homosexuals were born in war-ravaged Germany during World War II than the six years before or after the war.

    Pheromones and Sexual Orientation
    The vomeronasal system, adjacent to the olfactory system, mediates sexual interest for both males and females. Findings indicate pheromones play an important role in the identification of sexual objects at a subconscious level. For male homosexuals research has shown a clearly female neurological and social response to pheromones produced by males. In addition, preference for human body odors are influenced by gender and sexual orientation.
    Genetics and Neuroendocrinology.

    Augmenting decades old and contemporary research showing more homosexuals are born as the age of the mother increases, recent research implicates H-Y antigens (resulting from previous male births) increase the probability of adult homosexuality and lack of heterosexual cohabitation by as much as 33 percent. The sibling sex ration, without implicating H-Y antigen, suggests that approximately 10% of the variance in male homosexual behavior can be accounted for sibling sex-ratio. Androgen-insensitives (XY females) and partial-androgen insensitives, illustrate the power of genetics in creating a divergence of genetic gender from both behavioral and anatomic gender. XX females born with male genitalia and behavioral masculinization present a clear case for biologically induced cross gendering. Many chromosomal anomalies (e.g., X deletion ring, ring X or isochrome X, missing X, XXXX, XYY, XX/XY, X0/XY, XXY/XX, XXY/XY, X0/XX, etc.) are contributing factors to sexual orientation, level of intellect, performance of tasks, etc. Identical twins are usually concordant in sexual orientation. Identical twins discordant for sexual orientation can be explained by biological events and reluctance of some to reveal their homosexuality. There is one study, dealing with 61 pairs of twins and three sets of triplets. In one case all the triplets were homosexual. Genetic linkage analysis, using extended families, of the X chromosome suggests some familial male homosexuality is likely genetic and passed down the maternal line. A recent study using only homosexual siblings, found through advertisements in Gay newspapers and magazines, using a limited number of markers without the comparisons in extended families called into question the genetic theory of homosexuality. Studies of the genetic contribution to homosexuality are often marred by poor subject selection, precise definitions of behavior, over generalization, inadequate methodology, etc. Based on many studies of male homosexual twins, using very conservative statistical formulae, heritable factors may account for 44 percent of cases. Research on twins, families, and the adopted implicates genetic or neurohormonal origins for sexual orientation.

  • Really_000

    @murphy0071: Murphy you do not have a to a homosexual to have gay sex. There are PLENTY of men who have gay sex and are NOT gay. There have been studies published that indicate Bisexual and “heterosexual” men have more male on male sex than fully identified “gay” men do. Again you underestimate the power of social conditioning on sexual behavior-prison is an excellent example of this. The point in showing the video in the classroom to younger people is not to change homosexuals-it is too NOT encourage values such as homosexuality and inter-racial dating that may not be reinforced by the families of the students.

  • Polaro

    @Really_000: You’re views are inherently homophobic. Showing an open-minded video about homosexuality is only wrong if you believe homosexuality to be wrong. Which, apparently you do, which makes you very wrong and homophobic in my book.

    And, to make matters worse you are even a bigot. You have a problem with interracial relationships. You really are a social pariah. And, any further opinion you have on these matters will be held in the highest level of derision possible.

    You may have an opinion. Does not make you right. In your case you are not only wrong, but a small-minded, homophobic bigot. And not too bright either based on your response to Murphy0071.

  • Polaro

    @balehead: Did you even watch the video?

  • Really_000

    @Polaro: Here we go with the name calling- “homophobic”, “bigot”, “not too bright” and “pariah” although that one is fun :-) This is all you guys have-these silly pop culture terms that you have coined-besides that you have nothing. You guys are dangerous because you want tradition to break down-marriage to break down-sexual identity to break down-and race and culture to break down. You tell me who is the dangerous one.

  • Polaro

    @Really_000: Because you are. Defend your positions. Tell me how you are not a homophobe? You say the message of accepting gay people should not be tolerated in a school. Defend why you think that is not anti-gay. Go for it.

  • Polaro

    @Really_000: PS…look social pariah up. Its an old word. Surely not a pop culture word. But it fits you well. I could add pompous and smug too. But I’ll stick with not too bright.

  • Really_000

    @Polaro: The song is saying you ultimately cannot control what gender you have sex with-this is not the truth. And there is a relationship with a black and white man-this is a typical pop culture racial fetish. Both of these things are not values for many parents and families-this does not belong in a classroom with younger people.

  • Polaro

    @Really_000: “you ultimately cannot control what gender you have sex with-this is not the truth.” Wrong, it is not about a sex act it is about love and sexual orientation. You miss the point completely and I am at a loss as to what you are trying to do besides be a troll. Otherwise it would be simple for me to just have sex with woman and be content. I can’t. It is not a choice or a whim.

    I disagree completely with you and everything you stand for. And I am now done with you, homophobic bigot.

  • Really_000

    @Polaro: “Homophobic Bigot” this is all your poor children have :-( Just empty space..

    It is about “love” ? LOL..Right because so many gay men are in “loving” relationships LOL..Do you really believe these lies you all tell yourself?

  • MK Ultra

    After observing the comments I’ve come to two conclusions.
    1) most men are homosexual. They only fake heterosexuality because of social engineering by Fascism (colloquially known as ‘religious conservatism). They’ve been taught since they were young by the SS (otherwise know as their local church) that there is no such thing as love, and the marrying someone is all about robotic procreation.
    The fact that most social conservatives don’t believe in love is probably why almost all them are so pathetically miserable.
    2) Clearly we need to protect children from the psychologically and physically damaging brainwashing of religious conservatism. Why, if we don’t they turn out like commentator ‘Really-000″. Why, he is so miserable he’s trolling gay sites because, and this is sad ppl, that’s the only way religious conservatives get any excitement from life! Other than harassing their favorite victims of the moment, they are completely dead inside.
    That’s against the values of most parents and families.
    JUst think , one viewing of Macklemore’s video could save even one child from the religious conservative lifestyle of death!

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Really_000 has sex with teenage boys to cure the of teh ghey.

  • myklet

    I’m gay……….it was wrong for him to show that video. Gives every idiot a reason to say, “I told you they were going to recruit our children.” It’s taken a long time to get to where we are. We don’t need help messing things up. Following curriculum is part of a teachers job. That being said, my 4th grade teacher used to refer to me as “the fairy” in front of the whole class daily. That “B” should not have been a teacher either!

  • Really_000

    @MK Ultra: protecting children from “brainwashing and psychologically and physically damaging them”? To take a value that the majority of the people have in this country who are AGAINST homosexuality and inter-racial dating and procreating and to force that on a child is THE DEFINITION of damage. Look at what you are saying-your logic does not make any sense. NO ONE has the right to push their agendas onto a child in the classroom.

  • pauleky

    @Really_000: Seriously – why are you on this site? If you’re gay, you’re must really hate yourself. If you’re straight, then you’re a sad troll. Am I name calling? Perhaps, but what you’re saying is MUCH more offensive. And wrong. Murphy just schooled you and you still spout debunked theories. Like other trolls, I’ll be ignoring you from now on. Enjoy your hatred and misery.

  • Really_000

    @pauleky: yes you are “name calling” because its all you have. The truth is not on your side and you resort to what is most comfortable. And “schooled” me? I thought that phrase went out in 1998? Are white people still using his LOL..

  • Polaro

    @myklet: Have you even watched the video? There is nothing wrong with the video or the song. If there is, please tell me what you find offensive.

  • Polaro

    @Really_000: If the shoe fits, honey…

  • Really_000

    @Polaro: re-read the thread! Not cutting into my dinner to explain a thread that has been going on for hours.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Really_000 probably jacks off to the rape scene in A Serbian Film and the shit-eating wedding banquet scene from Salò.

  • Really_000

    @Mr. E. Jones: you are the perfect example of an empty shell-there are no intelligent perspectives from you-just full of name calling. Maybe you never went to college or maybe you are not a good communicator-either way it is the stereotype of a feminine gay man who does not have any defense other than spewing shallow insults. Sad :-(

  • Sansacro

    @Really_000: You are quite an interesting character study. Thanks for providing some entertainment to my day. Pretty funny stuff!

    Finish your dinner. I’m gonna curl up with my b.f., whom I love very much. (Sorry.)

    Rock on fellas! (And ladies :-)

  • Really_000

    @Sansacro: you think you are passively but aggressively attacking me because you are alluding to the idea that you are happy and are with someone? LOL..

    Again, do you believe these lies you tell yourselves? Gay men are not exactly known for their nesting qualities for LONG PERIODS OF TIME :-(

    I see right through you :-)

  • dbmyers

    @balehead: @balehead: You are wrong. Would you need a permission slip to discuss racism’s negative effects (or listen to a song about it? I think not. How about if a song was about, after all of these years, women not being paid equal to men for the same job? I could go on and on. Did you even listen to the song?

  • Really_000

    @dbmyers: this song is basically saying you cant choose who you have sex with-which for a majority of men and women is not true. Minorities and Women are not able to change their status, and so this is in a completely different league of oppression. However balehead makes a valid point about permission slips in regards to watching a video showcasing homosexuality and inter-racial dating.

  • Jeremi

    @Really_000: Romantic love is real. Romantic love is not restricted to race, gender identity, or sexuality. That is the message of the song: love is beautiful whether it’s homosexual, heterosexual, interracial, etc. As such love between two people should be respected no matter what. Beliefs to the contrary stem from bigotry, homophobia, heterosexism, ignorance, and outdated misconceptions and serves no purpose other than to degrade and belittle people who are not of the “average” majority, preventing these minorities from being treated as equals, not only among themselves, but also among the majority. As such they are not only incorrect, but they also become psychologically and morally damning to people who do not deserve it, and in this generation are no longer tolerating it.

    Despite your background and beliefs sexuality is a predisposition, not a choice. People can choose to go against their predispositions, this is correct. Homosexuals have spent years living unfulfilled lives because they have lived in the shadow of an unwelcoming majority, either marrying and having “normal” families, while persistently trying to ignore their attractions to the same sex, or become nonsexual monks and priests in order to try and ignore and pray away “sinful” thoughts, to sadly become branded as pedophiles because their unresolved feeling exploded in unhealthy ways, or become DL because since they have accepted heterosexist and homophobic belief systems they cannot embrace their sexuality, yet they also cannot escape their sexuality. Meanwhile some men who identify completely as heterosexuals engage in homosexual activities either for money or because of seeking a change from their lackluster sex-lives with their frigid wives. But this does not change their actual sexual identity. And after years and years of research studies have shown that people who identify strongly with their sexual identity are far more likely to become happier individuals than those who suppress or reject their sexual identity. And by and large the main barrier for people who are attracted to the same sex is not the fact that they feel attractions toward members of the same sex, but that they experience continual oppression, rebuke, hatred, and pressure to “fix” something that isn’t broken from peers and authority figures related to their attractions.

    The song’s goal is not to force ideals down people’s throats, but to hopefully encourage people to learn to change their hearts and to learn about and embrace others for their differences, rather than to embrace their own ignorance. Also it serves as a beacon of hope for people who may be experiencing self-loathing and self-hatred because they are struggling with the fact that they are homosexual but have no support system, and as a result feel an overwhelming sense of dread instead of self-acceptance.

  • Really_000

    @Jeremi: I think Lady Gaga really did a number on you guys-there is no conclusive evidence that homosexuality is genetic. Although I do sense for some it might be-however there are FAR TOO MANY EXAMPLES of non-homosexual men engaging in homosexual sex. Most of these men WERE NOT born that way-despite what gaga and this silly white rapper say.

    And has it ever occurred to you that much of the oppression gays and transgenders experience is because of the WAY you live your life? The shallow obsession with surface things and the perpetual lack of romantic substance in the culture is one reason many people are uncomfortable with homosexuality. Who in their right mind would be attracted to darkness? It just does not make sense-and if you let down your defenses you will see that the darkness that surrounds gay men and all of the sex app non-sense has made many people distrustful of who you are.

    Finally the video was inappropriate because single parents or families who do not believe homosexuality is an appropriate path should NOT BE FORCED to have their child view material that promotes this lifestyle. The video also shows an inter-racial couple which most of the country, White, Black, Latino and Asian are not in agreement with. Clearly NO ONE is born attracted to another race-this is all social construction. I.E minorities who believe in white supremacy and thus chase after whites, or the way culture has appropriated and made a fetish about black hip hop culture, and thus chase after “BBC”.

    And when you talk about “ignorance” do you REALLY look at the community you are a part of? The shallow attractions it has to youth and beauty are the perfect example of “Ignorance”.

  • Dxley

    Why are you all people so sad?

  • Jeremi

    While the mountains of previously stated long ago above evidence may not be “conclusive” enough for you, it is definitely relevant enough to contest the idea that homosexuality is not an ingrained trait. However, as you stated earlier, you cannot outright see their their sexuality or read a person’s thoughts and feelings either, particularly when they are locked tight in their minds. As such you have no way of knowing just how many of these men are non-homosexual and how many are/used to be just deeply closeted.

    Second, what darkness are you referring to? Don’t let popularized parties and what the majority of “popular” gay culture fool you. Gays are just as varied and diverse as heteros are. Though some are, not all of us are obsessed with surface things and skin-deep beauty. In fact, not all of us are modelesque, nor do we aim to be, and more to the point, many straight folk have the same are obsessed with surface image as well, another way we aren’t so different. Sex-app nonsense? Yeah there are a lot of gay horndogs, no less than straight horndogs, but for every horndog there’s also someone who only wants a relationship.

    Difference number one is most of us who are in active relationships can only be so public without facing ridicule and bigotry, thus many of us who are in active and healthy relationships you just don’t see because we don’t feel like having to continually defend ourselves because it’s exhausting and we shouldn’t have to. Difference number two is due to double standards stemming from the socialization of men and women to sex roles, straights have a harder time hooking up and deal with more game playing than we do: straight men who only want physical intimacy still have to work harder to compete with other men to find girls who will settle for only physical intimacy on any given night, and may have to put on a facade of looking for more to get what he wants (leading girls on), while girls who may want just physical intimacy have to settle into a mating dance to look more innocent and pure because outwardly wanting to just hook up would make them a slut, both to other women and to men, and the majority of straight men don’t want a flat-out slut. Can’t speak for lesbians but for us gay guys, since males are already socialized to be more acceptable to have sex it’s easier to find someone else who’s just looking to hookup and to not be considered a slut for it. The sex apps just make it easier to connect when you just don’t feel like going to a bar, saving you time and money vs. going to a bar and flirting, dancing, buying drinks, etc. It also makes it easier to connect in rural areas where it’s nigh impossible to just check someone out and more likely that you face homophobia and heterosexism on the regular. I have many accepting straight male friends and while some just don’t like the idea because they don’t like the removal of meeting someone in person from the onset(hence they don’t like the concept of online dating period), others wish there were a plethora of apps like those for straight hookups because they tire of dropping coin and losing energy and time when what they really want is to get laid.

    Third, the video’s inappropriateness is subjective. There’s no nudity, no harsh language (even the slur is edited), it’s totally PG. The subject matter is only inappropriate for people like you who do not believe homosexuality is an appropriate path. Contrary to your beliefs, that number is steadily dwindling. More and more heterosexual parents, both those who have homosexual children and those that do not, are completely understanding of the struggles of homosexuals with acceptance and would applaud this teacher for his efforts to educate his students of differing views. Most of the country is not against interracial couples either, interracial couples exist among many many many combinations and cultures and can be seen everywhere and have been in existence for ages. Though there are people who still harbor beliefs that these are inappropriate relationships, these beliefs stem from prejudices and bigotry and hatred for those other races as well. There are beautiful people of all races, period. No one is born attracted only to members of their own race, but people can be socialized to only be involved with members of their own race and taught that it’s somehow inherently wrong to be with someone of other races. Those minorities who believe in white supremacy? They’ve dealt with generations of being subjugated by whites and being forced to believe that “white is right”. The hip-hop culture being made into a fetish by whites chasing BBC? Due to the same “white is right” mentality leading to stereotyping about black people that sparks misconceptions about all black males being abnormally endowed and being thugs, which may spark the curiosity of some who are size queens. I don’t subscribe to those misconceptions. Not all BC’s are B, not all black men are thugs (me for instance), not all men who act thuggish are genuine, and the color of your skin does not make you inherently better or worse than others.

    And as far as shallow attractions to youth and beauty, that does not describe gay people as a whole, nor even as a subculture, that currently describes modern America as a whole. Not all of us are young and beauty is subjective. Additionally even your misconception of the totality of gay culture has nothing to do with ignorance, which a state of being uninformed or having lack of knowledge relative to a subject. Your only insight into gay culture is negative due to only seeking support to back your claims, and you do not seek to increase your understanding or to gain insight from opposing views, whereas we’ve been forced to listen to and be subjected to beliefs that we are lesser than and we don’t truly exist for far far far too long. I admit there is negative and some of the community needs work, but there is also a whole world of positive, and realize that the positive benefits of accepting diversity do wonders to counter the damaging effects of persisting with intolerance.

  • myklet

    Teachers do not talk about homosexuality or heterosexuality. It is not their place.

  • Jeremi

    @myklet: Not true. Students are required to learn history and read classic literature for classes, which are littered with heterosexual relationship drama, so it’s not like kids aren’t learning about heterosexuality at school. Eventually they partake in crucial health and sexual education courses, which are focused on safety and consequences in heterosexual relationships.

  • AnitaMann

    Teachers shouldn’t be playing any videos that haven’t been pre-approved. What if she’d been playing some Oral Roberts crap? I have kids in school. There are policies and procedures in place regarding videos. They must be followed.

  • Jeremi

    @AnitaMann: Fair enough. As this was likely a violation of policy I can understand why the teacher was suspended. But considering the many hate-filled comments slung around by students who may not even have any idea of the impact of their words I also understand why he may have shown it in the first place.

  • Mr. E. Jones


    Really_000 likes to hang around mens room stalls to smell other guys shit.

  • Ricky

    I don’t get it. How can one demand evidence when he/she does not provide any evidence of their own besides collective stereotypes in regards to ones lifestyle, orientation, and choices?

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