Teacher Suspended For Playing LGBT-Equality Song Gets Reinstated

A eighth-grade teacher in Detroit who was suspended after playing a same-sex-marriage anthem in class has had her suspension reversed.

A student at Centennial Middle School in South Lyons, MI, originally requested Susan Johnson play the video for Macklemore’s “Same Love.” After ensuring there was no violence or inappropriate language, she did.

Another student complained to administrators and Johnson found herself temporarily ousted.

The incident drew a floor of media attention, and now superintendent William Pearson has lifted the penalty and promised she’d be paid for any missed days. But he still criticized her for not following procedure and asking permission first: “I am willing to not uphold the suspension, but the violation of the district practice regarding web-based clips and our expectations for instructions previewing materials under this will remain in writing,” Pearson told The Detroit News.

Below, check out the video for Macklemore’s “Same Love”