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Teacher Suspended Over Gay Animal Assignment … Gay Domestic Violence Reports Up 93%?!

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• Illinois high school English teacher Dan DeLong suspended over an optional assignment for students to read a Seed magazine article about documented homosexuality among 450 species. There’s a special board meeting on Monday to decide his fate. More than 750 supporters on Facebook.

Huge rally tonight in London’s Trafalgar Square to raise awareness of string of anti-gay violence there. PM Gordon Brown sends his support.

• Why is Uganda so eager to crackdown on homosexuality when they don’t even know how many “offenses” there are annually?

• The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs’s newest report shows “the number of reported DV-related fatalities increased and the number of cases with reported police misconduct in 2008 increased by 93%.” Always important to remember: Reported cases don’t accurately reflect the number of actual incidents. Additionally: “NCAVP makes several key recommendations in the 2008 report, including the need for local state and federal governments to: increase funding to LGBTQ domestic violence programs, extend support to community and non-profit based prevention initiatives, and improve the efficacy of law enforcement’s response to LGBTQ domestic violence.”

• Key West cops love their gays.

• At right, the scene from Warsaw, Poland, at last weekend’s Equality March.

• Another gay man murdered in Jamaica?

• Rumer Willis goes gay … on 90210.

• HUD moves to fast-track a study about LGBT discrimination in housing programs.

Anderson Cooper‘s boyfriend Benjamin Maisani spots him while he does squats at the gym.

• All of Lady Gaga’s photoshoots revolve around “occultism, secret societies and references to mind control.”

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  • scott ny'er

    Ugh!!! Another gay man murdered in Jamaica!!! That place is like the 7th level of hell for gays. Stay away.

    And I can’t help it, I love hearing about Anderson Cooper’s new love and what he does. I’m so sad. Thanks for that link. Sheesh. $10mil a year. What a catch, Anderson is.

  • Mike L.

    Gosh why did you put in the link about Lady Gaga?

    I spent the las 3 hours there.

  • PopSnap

    Then they should suspend my bio teacher in Sophmore year, too. We watched Philadelphia while doing a unit on STD’s, and she told us a touching story about her brother dying after a long struggle with AIDs after we finished watching the movie. It lasted a whole class period and some were crying by the time she finished.
    It taught me that not all “grown-ups” are bigots, and I sure as hell plan on acknowledging her courage and compassion after I graduate in the form of a letter.

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