Teacher to Student: “Take Off Your (Marriage Equality) Shirt”

Here’s one way to teach a civics lesson: Plucky Big Bear High School sophomore class president Mariah Jimenez decided to wear a homemade tie-dyed shirt which read “Prop. 8 Equals Hate” the day before the election in California and all she got for her troubles was a trip to the Principal’s office and a pending A.C.L.U. lawsuit against the school for violating her First Amendment Rights.

The San Bernadino County Sun says:

“Mariah’s sixth-period teacher, Sue Reynolds, ordered her to remove the shirt during a meeting of the Associated Student Body.

When Mariah protested, Reynolds sent her to the principal’s office.

“She said I shouldn’t be wearing such divisive shirts, and my shirt draws a line down the school,” said
Mariah, who also plays on her school’s golf and softball teams and has been involved in school politics since seventh grade.

Principal Michael Ghelber gave Mariah an ultimatum: Remove the shirt or remain in his office.

Under protest, Mariah changed shirts and returned to class. Then, she went to the ACLU.

“I would really appreciate the acknowledgment that my rights were violated, because when it comes down to it, that’s what happened,” Mariah said.”

The school now contends that their decision was based on protecting Mariah’s safety, since I guess Big Bear High is so filled with roaming packs of homophobes that the Principal and Superintendent are no longer able to provide a safe environment for their students.

Either way, sounds like a problem.