Tech Co. Ain’t Down With “Gay”

Internet provider Telecom had some explaining to do after wagging a virtual finger at Gay Hamilton. The New Zealand native received an email warning her against using her first name. Because, you know, “gay” counts as an inappropriate word. From Telecom:

[Your email] was identified by our content filtering processes as containing language that may be considered inappropriate for business-like communication.

The content which caused this to happen was … ‘gay’ eight times, at two points each, for an expression score of 16 points.

Yikes, that’s dangerously close to technological death row.

Telecom has since apologized to Hamilton for the confusion. While they would not disclose a full list of their naughty words, they did admit that “gay” and “homosexual” “could be deemed as inappropriate for use at work.” Good thing we don’t use Telecom, huh?

Broadband provider bans Gay [Pink News UK]