Ted Cruz is asked by student if he would perform a sex act on another man

Senator Ted Cruz
Senator Ted Cruz (Photo: YouTube)

Yesterday we reported on a student asking former Vice President Mike Pence what he would say to one of his kids if they came out as gay.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz may have been wishing that was the question he’d been asked when he took part in a podcast recording on Monday night. Instead, a Yale student posed a more risque dilemma: “Assuming it would end global hunger, would you fellate another man?”

Cruz visited Yale to record an episode of his own podcast, Verdict. He co-hosts the show with political commentator Michael Knowles.

Much of the show covered the political hot topics, which they discussed with their special guest, conservative podcaster Liz Wheeler. However, then they threw the floor open to questions from the audience. That’s when someone named Evan posed his fellation question to Cruz.

You can watch it at the 1:37:47 mark below.

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The shocked audience laughs at the question, and both co-hosts also look amused. Cruz declines to answer and says he thinks it better if Knowles responds.

Knowles turns the question back on the student: “Like a typical left-wing undergraduate, you are engaging in consequentialist ethics. You are attempting to justify flagrantly immoral behavior to achieve a good end. And I tell you, my friend, the ends do not justify the means. Absolutely, absolutely not.”

It’s not explained why Knowles regards a man fellating another man to be “flagrantly immoral”.

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Cruz then poses his own question to the student.

“I am curious with that young fellow. If it would solve world hunger, would you vote for Donald Trump?”

The audience laughs but the recording does not capture whether the student replied.

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