Ted Cruz claims cabin crew can’t stop hugging him and folk have thoughts

Ted Cruz in 2021
Ted Cruz (Photo: Gage Skidmore, via CC BY-SA 2.0)

Does Texas Senator Ted Cruz seem like the sort of person strangers rush to hug? Apparently, they do … according to him. Yesterday, Cruz sat down on Capitol Hill with truckers taking part in the so-called People’s Convoy. The convoy is circulating DC to protest against Covid mandates and a ragbag of other issues, such as ending ‘big tech censorship’.

Cruz praised the protestors saying, “What y’all are doing is incredibly important.” He also said many people appreciated what he himself was doing in speaking out against mask and vaccines mandates. This includes many in the airline industry.

“Every week I fly back and forth to Houston,” Cruz said forcefully, jabbing his finger for emphasis. “Almost without exception, every time I’m on an airplane, either the captain or flight attendant will come up to me, will hug me and say ‘thank you for fighting for us.’

“Because I tell you, United Airlines, sadly Houston’s a hub of them, has fired thousands of pilots and flight attendants … this is wrong.”

In fact, Cruz’s claim of “thousands” is bogus. In October, United Airlines said it had fired around 230 cabin crew and pilots for failing to adhere to its strict covid vaccine policy. CEO Scott Kirby told CBS This Morning 99.7% of the Chicago-based airline’s 67,000 US employees had received the jab.

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Online, people were more interested in Cruz’s claims that pilots and cabin crew can’t stop hugging him. It prompted a collective eye roll.

P.S. Your wifi has not dropped—the pun above is that there are no images of Cruz hugging cabin crew.

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