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Ted Cruz is getting dragged on Twitter for going mask-less on a flight

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As coronavirus rages across the state of Texas, Senator Ted Cruz was spotted not wearing a mask on an American Airlines flight from Houston to Dallas last Sunday. Now, he’s being dragged on Twitter for it.

After the photos of the senator went viral, a spokesperson for Cruz said he definitely wore the mask during the flight and merely “removed his mask to drink and put it back on afterward.” But photos show Cruz not wearing a mask on the airplane or at the gate.

The official American Airlines policy states that all passengers, except young children and those with health conditions that prevent them from doing so, must wear masks aboard their aircrafts, except when eating or drinking.

After photos of Cruz violating this policy began circulating, the airline tweeted yesterday that it was looking into the matter, saying, “We committed to protecting the health and safety of all customers, and we are reviewing the details of this matter.”

It followed up with another tweet this morning saying, “We’ve reached out to the senator to affirm the importance of our mask policy as part of our commitment to health and safety.”

Meanwhile, Twitter has quite a bit to say about the matter…

This isn’t the first time Cruz has found himself at the center of a Twitter scandal. In 2017, a bisexual adult film wound up among the his Twitter likes. He blamed it on a horny staffer who had access to his account and said it was “not a deliberate action.”

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