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Ted Cruz spent the day embarrassing himself and everyone’s thinking the same thing

Dubiously best-selling author Ted Cruz took a field trip Thursday to lend his support to the so-called “People’s Convoy” outside of Washington, D.C.

The truckers circling the U.S. capital, like their Canadian counterparts, oppose Covid vaccine mandates.

Cruz, who is fully vaccinated, told a crowd of protesters: “Your voice is being heard. What the men and women want here is for the government to leave you the hell alone. … That is the most American sentiment you could imagine.”

The Republican senator also complained of high gas prices, which seems a bit odd for a protest designed around needlessly burning diesel fuel.

Cruz rode shotgun in the lead truck, waving and giving the thumbs-up to the convoy.

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At a press conference after the stunt, Cruz was asked whether the Covid vaccines saves lives. Here is his response:

“Look, I hope so. I’m not a doctor. You know what, why would you take medical advice from me? I wouldn’t take medical advice from me. I’m not in the business of giving medical advice. Go talk to your physician if you wanna figure out whether you should take the vaccine or not. I hope we have good doctors and scientists who are going to be figuring that out, and I’m sure we’re gonna be debating and looking at the effect.”

At one point during his speech, someone yelled out “Ted Cruz sucks!”:

Within no time, folks were making it very clear what they thought of the whole charade: