Ted Cruz is wetting the bed over violent left wing extremists that don’t exist

Texas embarrassment Ted Cruz seems as terrified of Democrats as he is of sensible arguments and beard combs.

The anti-LGBTQ senator appeared on Newsmax this week to warn of massive threats of violence from the Left in the wake of the upcoming Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade.

Cruz compared the chaos he predicted to the “Antifa and Black Lives riots across the country” in 2020, which were themselves in response to police violence.

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He went on to elaborate that “we’re already seeing Democratic politicians directing violent rioters to go to the justices’ homes.”

Cruz is referring to the recent isolated threat on Justice Kavanaugh’s life, but where he grabbed the idea that this was at the direction of Democratic leadership from is unclear.

This accusation of organized violence is a categorically wild statement from the person who called the organized and violent Capitol insurrectionists “people standing up and protesting to follow the law” on Tucker Carlson Tonight earlier this year.

Even more ironic is that this crocodile-tear fear mongering of future violence comes from a senator completely unwilling to properly address the rampant gun violence in his own state–including last month’s shooting in Uvalde that saw 19 children and 2 teachers murdered–while heeling to the donations he receives from every major gun lobby in the country.

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But Cruz didn’t stop there.

After appearing on Newsmax earlier in the week, he went on Hannity last night to bemoan the few Republican senators who voted in favor of gun control legislation in the wake of Uvalde, while claiming that gun control doesn’t work.

This claim isn’t reflected in the other major nations across the globe with stricter gun laws and virtually no mass shootings when compared to the U.S., but as we saw last month, Cruz has no response for that fact.

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