Ted Cruz Would Like To Make Phil Robertson A U.N. Ambassador, Praises Him For Speaking With “Joy”



What’s more horrifying than the thought of President Ted Cruz? It’s got to be U.N. Ambassador Phil Robertson.

While speaking at a campaign event in South Carolina on Friday, Cruz said that, if elected president, he would seriously consider sending the Duck Dynasty patriarch and antigay misogynist to the United Nations to represent the U.S.

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“Just for a thought experiment, imagine for a second: Phil Robertson, Ambassador to the United Nations,” Cruz said Friday at a rally in Myrtle Beach.”How much would you pay to see the Russian ambassador’s face when Phil says ‘What is wrong with you people?'”

The statement was met with uproarious laughter and thunderous applause.

“You know there’s a reason he terrifies the mainstream media,” Cruz continued. “He says the things you’re not supposed to say.”

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Cruz then praised Robertson for speaking “with a joy, not with an anger, not with a hatred, with a joy.” Qualities he believes are important for any diplomat to possess.

In the past, Robertson has said gay marriage is “wicked” and “evil,” shared his fantasies of watching an Atheist woman get raped and an Atheist man get castrated, called AIDS “God’s punishment” to the gays for their “immorality,” insisted queers are on a secret mission to “break into women’s bathrooms,” and said gay sex is “just not logical” seeing as how women have buttholes, too.

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